I Was With Fast Debt Solutions and They Went Out of Business But They Are Still Taking Money Out of My Account. – Mark

“Dear Steve, I joined a debt settlement Co. abotu 18 mos. ago. I read that they (FDS) might not be on the up and up from either this link of yours or one off of it last fall, but also read positive posts/comments, so did not know who to believe at that point. I got … Read more

U.S. Debt Settlement Morphing Into Financial Wellness Company

U.S. Debt Settlement has issued the following statement for investors. I had to chuckle when they say the are “transitioning into becoming a financial wellness company.” So does that mean they were not one before and instead caused financial illness? As I mentioned recently in “Debt Settlement Companies Poised to Eat Credit Counseling for Lunch. … Read more

The Elusive USOBA Membership List Made Public

Below you will find a document that was given to me by a USOBA member with a soul. They sent it to me at click here. I’ve actually had this for some time and I was giving the United States Organization of Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA) multiple chances to release to me a current membership list. … Read more

U.S. Debt Settlement Gobbles Up American Debt Control

U.S. Debt Settlement Press Release U.S. Debt Settlement, Inc. (“USDS”, or “the Company”) today announced it has completed the acquisition of debt settlement company American Debt Control (“ADC”), located in Grapevine, Texas. The Acquisition included a cash payment, stock, and an earn out for the previous owners. It is estimated that an additional $1,000,000 of … Read more