Yes You Can Get Extra Financial Aid for College by Asking

I just read a great post that describes how college students can get additional financial aid if they need it. This article mentions a website that can help create a letter to your college to receive additional financial aid. The SwiftStudent website can assist anyone to write a financial aid appeal letter for free. It … Read more

The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself Before You Take Out Student Loans

At some point in your decision to go to college or get an advanced degree, you may need to ask yourself an extremely important question: How much money do I need to borrow? The key word there is “need.” If you’re lucky (or plan extremely well), the answer is “none,” and you can enjoy getting an … Read more

Where’s The Best Place To Get Information To Scam Financial Aid? Jail Of Course!

Student Loan Fraud Is Stupid A former inmate at Leath, Correctional Institution in South Carolina, Michelle Owens, was sentenced on September 28, 2011 for violations of federal student financial aid and mail fraud. Let me start this article off with a small tidbit of information for all of you scamming or thinking about scamming federal … Read more

FAFSA Student Loan Scam to Avoid

This just out of Tennessee: The state deadline for college financial aid is quickly approaching, and state officials are asking parents and students to beware of official-looking letters promising student financial aid information for a fee. Attorney General Bob Cooper and Division of Consumer Affairs Director Mary Clement are urging Tennesseans to be wary of … Read more