The Higher Education System is Just Broken Unless We Reinvent It

“When someone tells me he’s a Christian businessman,” my former law partner once observed, “I put my hand over my wallet.” I feel much the same way whenever I read some policy wonk’s sweeping plan to solve the student-loan crisis. After we’ve listened to all the bells and whistles, we always discover that the grand … Read more

Nearly 1 Out of 10 Parents Not Worried At All About Their Kids Returning to School Petri Dish

A survey on the emotional and financial impact of children returning to classrooms shows that parents are worried about their children getting sick, but they are also fearful about their financial situation. But not all of them. Other findings: Almost 65 percent of students will have a parent remaining at home with them. Fifty-four … Read more

Is Law School a Good Investment if 75% Fail the Bar Exam?

This spring, pass rates for the California Bar Exam hit a historic low. Only 26.8 percent of the test-takers received a passing grade–about one out of four. The pass rate for retakers was even lower: a shocking 22 percent. As one might expect, pass rates varied widely based on where the test-takers went to law … Read more

More Than 50 Colleges Sued Over Online Classes

A bunch of black swans showed up this spring, and they landed on top of every college administration building in America. Last March, virtually every postsecondary institution shut down in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Students who lived in campus dorms were told to scram. Face-to-face instruction screeched to a halt, and the colleges began … Read more

The Formula For Fraud Is Not Greater Than Or Equal To The Formula For Investing

An alleged investment fraud scheme has lead to an indictment charging Robin Brass with four counts of mail fraud where she could face up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 on each count. Allegedly, from around March 2009 until approximately November 2011, Brass acting as a principal of The … Read more

You Are Cordially Invited To The FTC’s Road Ahead Roundtable

Today, the Federal Trade Commission will host the third in a series of roundtables around the country to gather information on consumers’ experiences in the leasing of motor vehicles at dealerships. The roundtable also will address what has been learned about auto sales, financing and leasing at all of the roundtables; what consumer and business … Read more

Are Their Free Grants I Can Use to Go Back to School? – Gayle

“Dear Steve, This may be a difficult question to answer. After a series of potentially fatal illnesses & complications, I found myself on Social Security Disability at 45 years of age. Besides my pride being bruised (I had drawn a salary since I was 14 years old & often held down 2 jobs) I also … Read more

Where’s The Best Place To Get Information To Scam Financial Aid? Jail Of Course!

Student Loan Fraud Is Stupid A former inmate at Leath, Correctional Institution in South Carolina, Michelle Owens, was sentenced on September 28, 2011 for violations of federal student financial aid and mail fraud. Let me start this article off with a small tidbit of information for all of you scamming or thinking about scamming federal … Read more

SAT Fraud Discovered On Long Island

Taking the SATs is probably the most important test you’ll ever take in your life. Point blank. Scoring well on the SATs helps determine which colleges and/or universities you get accepted to, thus determining if and where you will move after high school, the friends you’ll meet there, the experiences you’ll have and so on. … Read more

Is College Worth It? The Value of College

Georgetown University released a study that looked at how much a college education is really worth. Researchers examined different bachelor’s degrees, their median earnings and then broke down their findings to study differences in varying demographics. They state that “which degree you have matters – but so does your major.” It has been shown that … Read more