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I’m Totally Broke and Drowning…Help! – Linda

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I am 47 years old and single mother to two teenaged children. I have a decent job and make good money for the area where I live. I bought a home in 2008, put $30,000.00 down on it (nearly my entire life savings). My house payments, insurance and taxes are equal to 2 weeks of my pay. SO one entire ... Read More »

    How Do You Value Your Quality of Life? Debt Solutions to Fix The Future

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    Debt doesn’t just affect the people actually in debt, it often affects the ones around them, near and dear to them. I know this from first hand experience as someone who has loved and lived with someone so deep in debt they could not see a way out. Not only is the emotional toll hard on the debtor but also ... Read More »

      How Should I Borrow? The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Loans and Debt Solutions

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      If you’re in debt you may have considered borrowing to consolidate your payments, lower your interest costs or even to stay afloat a little longer. Before you borrow, consider your options carefully. No matter how attractively some loans are marketed, they can’t solve your debt problems. The only way to do that is to spend less, earn more and develop ... Read More »

        My Life is a Financial Lie. People Think I’m Successful But I’m Buried in Debt. – Jamie

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        “Dear Steve, I have over $80,000 in debt NOT to include the first and second mortgages I owe on. I am seriously in debt and not making enough money to make a dent in it! I am single and won’t be getting a decent raise anytime soon. I have been struggling for 2 years now and have had some late ... Read More »

          Is There a Place I Can Get a Debt Consolidation Loan? – Kerri

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          “Dear Steve, $36,000 total cc debt (this is the total from 2 credit cards), making monthly payments of $650.00 between the two cards, barely covers any of the debt after paying finance charges accrued on the cards. Is there a loan through a bank or well established organization that you can qualify for that will pay off the debts of ... Read More »

            I Have a Bad Credit Report. What Can I Do? – Connie

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            Connie “Dear Steve, Even though, my credit is bad, I do have some good credit references. Everytime I apply for a consolidation loan, or whatever I am always turned down I know my score is bad but they always need that credit report. How can you help, a consumer even though there credit report is bad? Connie”   Dear Connie, ... Read More »

              We’ve Consolidated Our Debt Over and Over But Continued to Live Beyond Our Means. – Steve

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              “Dear Steve, Me and my wife both have good jobs. We also both have good credit. We are not behind on anything nor have we ever been late on anything. A couple years ago we consolidated $42,000 dollars worth of credit card debt. Then about a year ago we consolidated about $27,000 dollars worth of credit card debt. Well guess ... Read More »

                Karen Writes In. “My Interest Rates Are Going Up. My Minimum Payments Are Going Up. Help!”

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                Karen “Dear Steve, Have a lot of credit card debt – struggling to keep my head above water. Interest rates are going up, minimum payments are going up, and I am falling behind. which causes the rates a payments to keep going up and my credit score to go down. What is the best way to negotiate lower payments and ... Read More »

                  I Need a Debt Consolidation Loan. Can I Get One? – Melissa

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                  “Dear Steve, I have two lines of credit and one credit card and my husband has an ATV loan all totalling approx. $32000.00. The two line APY’s are great but the credit card APY is outragious and the ATV APY could be better. Is there a way that we could consolidate these four debts into one loan with one reasonable ... Read More »

                    What Do I Do to Consolidate Bills? Mary

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                    “Dear Steve, Need help with consolidating bills. What do I have to do in order to start this process? Mary” I asked my friend Mike Killian to answer your question for you. I wanted to make sure you got an answer as quickly as possible as I’m a bit backed up at the moment. I’ll be watching the comments on ... Read More »

                      Credit Cards Maxed Out. I Can’t Get a Debt Consolidation Loan. – Manuel

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                      “Dear Steve, Hi. I currently have 1 credit card just about maxed out at $10,600, another one maxed out at $5,300. I also have a debt consolidation loan from Banknorth for $11,000 (although I paid around $3,500 so I only have $7500 remaining to pay.) I gross about $2240/mo. I was laid off last year so had to use my ... Read More »

                        I Would Like to Combine All of Our Debts Into One Loan. – Joe

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                        “Dear Steve, My wife is leaning towards debt consolidation through a reputable company. I would like to combine our debts in one loan, but with a fixed rate. the problem is that banks are not willing to give out personal loans at this time. I need a 25k loan to consolidate my bills. I am not late on anything, but ... Read More »

                          Three Years Ago I Had Severe Tax Problems But Now I’m Looking for a Consolidation Loan. – Timothy

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                          Because of the volume of submitted questions, I am behind in personally answering every single one. I need your help. I am publishing the question below for you to answer. Please help this person by adding your response and advice in the comments section of the original question. Click here. “Dear Steve, About 3 years ago I had some severe ... Read More »

                            I Am A College Student With Good Credit and Bad Debt. – Matt

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                            Matt “Dear Steve, I am a college student and currently have 10,000 in credit card debt. I have been able to make the min payments for them but have not made much progress. I am getting married in a year and a half and really dont want to have credit card debt. I applied for a loan to consolidate all ... Read More »

                              I Just Invested in 33 Loans to Help People to Get Out of Debt

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                              Lately I’ve been very impressed with and the peer-to-peer model that they have developed to let individual investors participate in some small way in making loans to other people that need to borrow money. The LendingClub business model allows both borrowers and lenders to skip the banks completely and lend to each other. From the advertising revenue from this ... Read More »

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