Are There Any Legitimate Payday Loan Companies to Consolidate My Loans?

Question: Dear Steve, My husband died in 2008 leaving me with 3 kids and massive student loan debt. Still owe 6 figures in student loans and helping my older two kids with college. I stupidly took payday loans. Any legitimate payday loan consolidation companies? Any legitimate payday loan consolidation companies?? I work full time but … Read more

Pay Day Loan Consolidation Advice

I have several pay day loans and would like to know who I can go about consolidating them into one lower monthly payment. Anne Dear Anne, There are good options for unsecured debt consolidation through LendingClub.com and Proper.com. I’ve recommended those companies to people in the past and people seem to be happy with either … Read more

Who Can I Trust for Payday Loan Consolidation? – Rebecca

“Dear Steve, I have five payday loans that I am not behind on, but the renewal fees that they charge me each month is causing my bank account to become negative and making it hard for me to pay my other bills. I would like to consolidate these payday loans into one monthly payment so … Read more

My Life is a Financial Lie. People Think I’m Successful But I’m Buried in Debt. – Jamie

“Dear Steve, I have over $80,000 in debt NOT to include the first and second mortgages I owe on. I am seriously in debt and not making enough money to make a dent in it! I am single and won’t be getting a decent raise anytime soon. I have been struggling for 2 years now … Read more

I Have a Bad Credit Report. What Can I Do? – Connie

Connie “Dear Steve, Even though, my credit is bad, I do have some good credit references. Everytime I apply for a consolidation loan, or whatever I am always turned down I know my score is bad but they always need that credit report. How can you help, a consumer even though there credit report is … Read more

We’ve Consolidated Our Debt Over and Over But Continued to Live Beyond Our Means. – Steve

“Dear Steve, Me and my wife both have good jobs. We also both have good credit. We are not behind on anything nor have we ever been late on anything. A couple years ago we consolidated $42,000 dollars worth of credit card debt. Then about a year ago we consolidated about $27,000 dollars worth of … Read more

Karen Writes In. “My Interest Rates Are Going Up. My Minimum Payments Are Going Up. Help!”

Karen “Dear Steve, Have a lot of credit card debt – struggling to keep my head above water. Interest rates are going up, minimum payments are going up, and I am falling behind. which causes the rates a payments to keep going up and my credit score to go down. What is the best way … Read more

I Need a Debt Consolidation Loan. Can I Get One? – Melissa

“Dear Steve, I have two lines of credit and one credit card and my husband has an ATV loan all totalling approx. $32000.00. The two line APY’s are great but the credit card APY is outragious and the ATV APY could be better. Is there a way that we could consolidate these four debts into … Read more

Credit Cards Maxed Out. I Can’t Get a Debt Consolidation Loan. – Manuel

“Dear Steve, Hi. I currently have 1 credit card just about maxed out at $10,600, another one maxed out at $5,300. I also have a debt consolidation loan from Banknorth for $11,000 (although I paid around $3,500 so I only have $7500 remaining to pay.) I gross about $2240/mo. I was laid off last year … Read more

I Would Like to Combine All of Our Debts Into One Loan. – Joe

“Dear Steve, My wife is leaning towards debt consolidation through a reputable company. I would like to combine our debts in one loan, but with a fixed rate. the problem is that banks are not willing to give out personal loans at this time. I need a 25k loan to consolidate my bills. I am … Read more

I Am A College Student With Good Credit and Bad Debt. – Matt

Matt “Dear Steve, I am a college student and currently have 10,000 in credit card debt. I have been able to make the min payments for them but have not made much progress. I am getting married in a year and a half and really dont want to have credit card debt. I applied for … Read more

I Have Great Credit, Never Missed a Payment, And Want to Get Out of Debt ASAP. – Bonnie

Bonnie “Dear Steve, I have a large number of credit cards and a lot of credit card debt. I have never missed a payment and currently have a FICO score of 736. I want to pay down my debt and possibly consolidate my accounts into one payment. I think my debt is approx $60,000 and … Read more

I Want to Consolidate My Credit Card Debt at a Good Interest Rate. – Roy

Roy “Dear Steve, Trying to consolidate debt. seems there is no real help unless you default im trying to get help before I get to that point. just want a fair deal…looking for 9 to 11 % interest rate for roughly 25,000 total debt( not including 20,000 left on two car payments) I make a … Read more