Jeremy Foti Totally Innocent in Brookstone Law Group Fraud Case – Says Attorney

In the ongoing saga of Brookstone Law Group who the Federal Trade Commission took action against for harming consumers, recent court documents paint a conflicting point of view. The smart attorney Michael Thurman, who is representing Jeremy Foti, says the FTC action against Foti should be dismissed. Court documents make the claim Foti is not … Read more

Kirkland Green – Consumer Complaint – July 23, 2014

Consumer Statement: I have been a client of Kirkland Green of Nevada since 4/30/2009 they settled two debts for me last of which was in 2010. I can’t get in contact with them anymore and they still have my money. I got an email about new website update from Global Client Solutions the company that … Read more

I Have a Legal Issue With Kirkland Green But They Have Vanished. – JMG

I have a legal issue pending with Kirkland Green but they seemingly have disappeared in the last month or two. Does anyone know the current status of Kirkland Green? Have any of you used this company for debt settlement? Are any of you currently involoved with Kirkland Green (do they still have your money)? Have … Read more

Signed Up With Kirkland Green, They Are Doing Nothing But Taking My Money. – Doug

“Dear Steve, Signed up with Kirkland Green, they are doing nothing but taking my money Is there a company that is legit and doesn’t take forever. In debt approx 30K Doug” Dear Doug, Before you investigate another det settlement company you should first check with a local bankruptcy attorney to make sure bankruptcy isn’t more … Read more

Kirkland Green Review

Address: 2400 Main St Second Floor Irvine, California 92614 Corporate records say it is: Don Kim 6529 Berry Ave Buena Park, CA 90602 The Association of Settlement Companies disclosure on their site says: Kirkland Green 1117 Desert Lane #1043 Las Vegas, NV 89102 It is actually a Nevada corporation with all the positions held by … Read more