Macklock National Credit – Consumer Complaint – September 13, 2018

Consumer Statement: They do nothing significant to resolve your debts. They mislead, misguide, and arrogantly abuse the consumer. I spoke with my ” representative’ ED BOHANNON WHO ARROGANTLY STATED THAT HE COULD ONLY GUARANTEE ME LIFE , LIBERTY, AND THE PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS’. He’s a joke and so is this company he works for !!! … Read more

Macklock National Credit – Consumer Complaint – May 21, 2018

Consumer Statement: Macklock National Credit said they could get me out of debt and get my credit score up in two years. I had 4 credit cards approximately 24,000.00 and for 437.01 a month I would have a credit card debt settle, 11 months in I get a court summon (May 2018) for the Walmart … Read more

Macklock National Credit – Consumer Complaint – April 4, 2018

Consumer Statement: The contact names kept changing. I can no longer get into my ‘portal’ to get printouts of all documentation. The temporary password(s) do not work. The phone numbers provided do not work. I received an offer to help relieve my debt by Macklock National Credit. I discussed my debt and how I could … Read more

Macklock National Credit Alleged Consumer Frustrated Discover Sued Them

I’m sharing my story out of pure frustration and I don’t even know where to start. First off I’d like to remain anonymous if you choose to share my story as I am still unfortunately dealing with Macklock. While trying to find more information on Macklock I came across your website and this is why … Read more

Macklock National Credit Agreement Paints Opposite Message From Sales Agent

A reader sent me in the client agreement for Macklock National Credit and said, “She was current on all of her bills, and wanted to consolidate her debts into a smaller 1 lump payment and ended up on the phone with Macklock who told her to stop paying her creditors and it would all be … Read more

MackLock National Credit Raises Unanswered Questions

I was recently asked about a company named MackLock National Credit and since I did not know anything about them I sent them an email asking for information for the article. “Hello Kind Folks at MackLock National Credit, Your company recently came to my attention and I’m working on a review for my readers. I’d … Read more