Who Do You Recommend as a Financial Consultant for Debt Issues?

Question: Dear Steve, I have a Parent Plus loan w/ a $500/mo regular payments, not income-driven or whatever. I have about $2800 in credit card debt. I think I’m putting approximately only $300-400/mo into retirement savings which started at nothing three years ago. I want to increase that amount, of course. I was unexpectedly laid … Read more

Debt Advice and Debt Help Less Needed Survey Shows

A survey by Bankrate.com that was conducted at the beginning of February, 2012, which found people are feeling more confident about their financial standing. That’s good news for a rebounding economy. Bad news for debt advice providers. The most shocking figure for me, in a positive way, was that more than 70 percent report having … Read more

Most People Hate the Debt Advice They Get and Instead Seek Out Answers They Want to Hear

Since I’ve been helping people with money troubles, since 1994, one constant has existed, people don’t like the debt advice they get. This is not a reflection on the quality or appropriateness of the advice they get but a reflection of a conflict between what they want to hear and what they do hear. The … Read more

Therapist: Financial Infidelity Can End Couples

Therapist: Financial Infidelity Can End Couples Fox5 KVVU, NV – 41 minutes ago It can be anything from keeping credit card debt a secret to hiding money from a spouse. "I'd say finances and financial stress is one of the number one …

Outrage Over Credit Cards with 222% APR

Outrage Over Credit Cards with 222% APR QCK, UK – 1 hour ago The money must then be repaid at a rate that is more than 10 times the average APR of a credit card. Debt groups and politicians have expressed anger at the …

Tithing, Saving and Getting Out Of Debt – The Personal Finance Bloggers Brain Trust

This weeks question put to the personal finance bloggers brain trust at GetOutOfDebt.org was: When people are working with a credit counselor or working up their own budget they often hear or believe that they should not make religious contributions and should not put any money in savings while they are making debt repayments. Instead, … Read more