I’m Moving Back With My Stepmother. Should I File Bankruptcy or Go With Credit Counseling? – Maya

“Dear Steve, I currently bring home $2500.00 per month and I have been fully employed in outside sales for the last year. I have credit card debt of $45,000.00. I am trying to bring in more income and cut my rent costs by moving in with my stepmother if she agrees. Barring a new position … Read more

I Am Moving Back to My Parents House After Living on My Own. – Shiyala

Shiyala “Dear Steve, I am moving back to my parents house after a year of living on my own and I have fallen behind in everything. I am freaking out cause i want to try to keep my credit in good standing but im so worried I feel like I don’t know how keep myself … Read more

My Twenty Year Old Daughter is in a Terrible Financial Situation. – Sam’s Mom

Sam’s Mom “Dear Steve, My daughter is 20 and what credit she has is already bad. She lived with a boyfriend (and friends) for two years and now has moved back home. Her current job is in the food industry on a college campus so that job will be gone when the school year ends. … Read more

We’ve Gone From Doing Well to Barely Getting By. – Michelle

Michelle “Dear Steve, For several years, my husband was doing very well for himself as a contractor and I have had a very stable government job. We began building a life for ourselves…bought a house, two “new” used cars, established some savings, and did not worry about money. As the economy slumped, so did my … Read more