I Have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue But Turned Down for Disability

Question: Dear Steve, Hi Steve…. First, thank you for providing this service to those of us who desperately need some direction. I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and have not been able to work for many years now…. I applied for and was denied (as many are) for disability. I filed in 2010 and just …

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Money Problems Lead to Poor Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation conducted a survey recently among different ethnic groups to study a number of sleep related issues. Of particular interest to me were the survey results about money troubles and sleep problems. I remember from my debt problem days how I never could seem to sleep well. I was always worrying about …

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I Live in South Africa and I Have Creditors Calling Me Everyday. – Zandile

Zandile “Dear Steve, I’m in round about R40 000.00 of debt altogether, i only earn nett 6800 p/m. i dont know how to get out of this mess. i’ve got creditors phoning me everday, threats of legal action, summons you name it. pls help me. i really am tired of all this. Is it not …

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