4 thoughts on “NerdWallet Publishes Student Loan Debt Relief Company Watchlist”

  1. I used one of the companies on the list above in mid-2014. I was *very* skeptical at first (for a number of reasons), but by that point my loans were in default, and had been for awhile, so I had to do SOMEthing… I just didn’t know how to do it myself, or even where to begin. There were a couple of minor hiccups here/there working with them, but I overall I don’t take issue with the company because ultimately they did do what they said they were going to do: They consolidated my loans with the gov’t, got them out of default, rehabilitated and back in good standing. Because of that, I became eligible to start the PSLF plan and income-based repayment. I have 18 months left on PSLF. I can’t speak to others’ experience with that company, but for me it worked and is well-worth the roughly $600 fee I paid for their service. They got the job done. I will always be grateful for them for helping me when I needed it the most.

  2. What if you used one of these companies on the list prior? I used one in 2015. It just doesn’t seem to have helped anything. All it did was add to my debt. And my payments jumped right back up on my student loans. I feel blocked and little trustworthy info at every turn. I am a single parent and there just isn’t an $800 payment per month for a student loan.


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