Is the Dave Green With Jeff Sekinger the Same One You Wrote About?

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Question: Dear Steve, Was planning to join Jeff Sekinger’s course/group but first had a phone interview with Dave Green to see if I would be a good fit. At the end, the price was $9,800 to join, after he couldn’t get me to say yes he finally offered $7,500. Is this the same Dave Green …

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Dave Green and Strategic Student Solutions Get a Knock at the Door From the FTC

Last year a reader asked me about a company called Strategic Student Solution, see I Signed Up With Strategic Student Solutions and I’m Concerned. In that post I raised a number of issues and observations after reviewing the client agreement. Well it seems those concerns had some merit. Today the FTC has announced a suit …

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I Signed Up With Strategic Student Solutions and I’m Concerned

Question: Dear Steve, I saw a post online about a Student Loan Relief Program that appeared to be a screenshot of Michelle Obama endorsing it on her Twitter page. In a haste, I called the number without actually verifying that she ever posted it on her timeline. I got an answer and proceeded to give …

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