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I Was Stationed Overseas With the National Guard and Returned Home Deep in Debt. – Michael

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“Dear Steve, 40 years old, married, 3 children ages 14,11, 8. Have several credit cards with large balances. Most of the debt is several years old. I’m a veteran and have multiple deployments. Three of the credit cards were maxed out by my wife while I was deployed. We’re both full time teachers and contribute nothing to private retirement account ... Read More »

    I’m a Marine Corps Officer Waiting for Basic School With Student Loan Debt. – John

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    “Dear Steve, Marine 2nd Lt. awaiting orders for The Basic School, wont be able to pay loans after grace initial grace period passes I was commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the Marine Corps shortly after graduating college with an engineering degree. I volunteered to serve and owe the government nothing for joining (didn’t do ROTC or anything like that). As ... Read More »

      ROTC Was Supposed to Pay My Tuition But I Can’t Get My Transcripts Because I Have a Bill

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      “Dear Steve, I graduated from college in may of 2010 with roughly a 100,000 dollars of student loan debt. I have deferred my fedeal but as for private they wouldnt let me do so. So now its on my credit and i cant pay because i have no job. First question is how can i reduece this debt. My second ... Read More »

        I Was Disenrolled From ROTC Scholarship and Now Military Wants The Tuition Money Back. – Jas

        “Dear Steve, I accepted an ROTC scholarship with the army in the fall of 2010. I have recieved the scholarship up until the spring of 2012, of which they did hint at my inability to adapt, but they did not pay for the semester’s tuition, did not inform me that they were not going too, and changed my evaluation from ... Read More »

          Credit Cards and Government Student Loans Need Debt Relief and Debt Advice to Enter Military. – Paul

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          Sir, I wanted to ask you what my options are concerning my credit card and government student loan debt, as it seems that everyone has special interests and they are not primarily interested in helping you first when it comes to debt relief. When I went to college in 2003 right out of high school I was a full ride ... Read More »

            How Does a “Mortgage Release” Work to Let Us Hand Back Our House. My Husband is Active Duty Military.

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            We can’t make our payments, applied for a modification over a year ago. Paid trial payments and the first couple of regular payments, then received a notice from the mortgage co. that they were mistaken, and the mod had not actually gone through. I stopped making the payments as they were not being credited anyway. I finally heard from them ... Read More »

              My wife is in the Navy reserve. Where do we start with such a heavy debt load? – Mike

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              My wife and I together make a six digit salary, but we have way over extended ourselves. We have 1500.00 house payments (this includes ins., taxes), 500.00 car payments of which we owe 20,000 on a car worth 18k, 350.00 a month motorcycle payment on a bike worth more than we can sell it for, plus school loans and credit ... Read More »

                Military active status, how do I get my auto loan intrest rate reduced to 6 percent? – Donny

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                I am new car franchise dealer, i recently sold a class e-5 active army seargent, in the past i was at a large dealership in little rock ar. and we were familiar and had several that took advantage of this program. I am currently in a small town and dealership that has never heard of this program. Could you please ... Read More »

                  My Active Duty Military Husband Wants to Retire Next Year Debt Free. – Tonya

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                  “Dear Steve, 35K in credit card debt needing to paid by Aug 2012 I am wondering where I can go to get debt relief. We have great credit scores but banks will not loan because of the debt to income ratio and credit cards keep going up,. My husband is active duty military and we would like to retire aug ... Read More »

                    My Husband is a US Marine Corp Sargent. We Can’t Make Ends Meet. – Rose

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                    “Dear Steve, My husband is a Sargent in the US Marine Corp. Just after he got home from Iraq and before we got married he purchased a house for us. Because he had orders saying we would be in that area for three years not even three mounth after he got home and closed on the house he gets new ... Read More »

                      The Military Star Card From AAFES is Garnishing My Social Security. – Shanesta

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                      “Hello Steve, I was discharged from the military in 2008 and I had a balance of 5,000 on my Military Star Card. I asked to stop the interest from accumulating and now they are garnishing my Social Security while still taking out for interest. Is there anything I can do to at least tell them to stop adding interest while ... Read More »

                        I’m an E5 in the Army. Should I Go With Wites & Kapten Instead of Bankruptcy? – Vic

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                        “Dear Steve, Well i’m about 40k in debt. I’m and E5 in the army. I have a security clearance. I got a letter from wites and kapetan. Its sounds decent. Has anyone heard of them. should i go with them. I can not file bankrupcy because of my clearance. if i did that, my clearance would be gone. Vic” The ... Read More »

                          I Just Married a Marine Now on Deployment. I Want to Clean Up My Debt Before He Gets Home. – Tami

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                          “Dear Steve, I just got married a few months ago to a USMC guy in NC…will have to move to NC when he gets back from deployment. I have quite a bit of credit card debts and high mortgage payment while living off paycheck to paycheck. Husband’s name is not on any of the debts I owed currently. Would like ... Read More »

                            I’m Active Duty Assigned to a New Post With a House I Can’t Sell. – Robert

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                            “Dear Steve, You answered a similar question from an active duty member regarding mortgage relief. My situation is as follows. I am active duty, bought a house while on active duty in Colorado Springs. Lived there no problem however I have been ordered to a new post. I have tried to sell the house, but like many, my house is ... Read More »

                              I’m Active Duty Army And Don’t Have Enough to Pay My Bills. – Amy

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                              “Dear Steve, I am currently serving in Korea and I am paying bills at home which is leaving me with only enough money for food. Before I joined the Army I was helping my family pay bills and I joined in order to help a little more but now I am unable to use the dining facilities because of an ... Read More »

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