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Dealing with Student Loan Debt When Active Duty Military

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I am active duty for the last 15 years and I have been struggling to pay my student loan. I still owe 50,000 thousand dollar, and I simply cannot afford to make the payments. Is there a program that can help me as a military men to help me pay for this debt. I am going crazy with this situation ... Read More »

    My Active Duty Military Husband Wants to Retire Next Year Debt Free. – Tonya

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    “Dear Steve, 35K in credit card debt needing to paid by Aug 2012 I am wondering where I can go to get debt relief. We have great credit scores but banks will not loan because of the debt to income ratio and credit cards keep going up,. My husband is active duty military and we would like to retire aug ... Read More »

      My Husband is Active Duty Military and I Can’t Make Ends Meet. – Carrie

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      “Dear Steve, My family and I are sinking deeper and deeper everyday. We have done alot of things right ,but for everything we do right it seems we do 2 wrong. A normal 1 of the month looks like this: First of the month 1900 Ssi 235 Ssi 188 Clothing allowance 300 Total 2623 House 862 Insurance 153 Power 250 ... Read More »

        I Am On Active Duty in the Army in Iraq and Have a Lot of Debt Back Home. – Henry

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        “Dear Steve, Im a home owner, a land owner, two cars, two credit cards(both maxed out), and some other credit through the Army I am paying on. I am an active duty soldier in iraq at the moment. I total my debt at close to 120,000 dollars or so. The house is with gmac, land with a bank in missouri, ... Read More »

          I’m on Active Duty in San Diego But Deep in Debt. What Can We Do? – Andrew

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          Andrew “Dear Steve, I am active duty and was stationed in San Diego and we dropped to one income and run up an extreme amount of debt (45,000). I am looking at options and wanted to file Chapter 13 but is it true that they take all of your disposable income? And if so is a debt reduction company a ... Read More »

            I’m Active Duty Military. Is There Any Relief I Can Get From My Mortgage? – Kenneth

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            “Dear Steve, Miltary active duty. Married with a child. Bought my home in 2006 at the hieght of the real estate “boom” and now stuck with a property that is worth 80,000 dollars less than what I owe on it. I am currently 80,000 dollars upside down on my mortgage. I own the home in Arizona but currently stationed in ... Read More »

              I’m Active Duty Army in Iraq and Need to Deal With My Debt Back Home. – Howard

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              Howard “Dear Steve, I have a lot of outstanding debt that I have not paid on in 5-6 years. I fell on hard times and stopped making payments altogether and completely lost track of my debt. I’m guessing that I owe $30,000 between a truck, boat, and other creditors. I went back into the Army a few years ago and ... Read More »

                I’ve Been Called Back to Active Duty in the Army. What Do I Do About My Car Payment and Bank Loans? – Larry

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                Larry “Dear Steve, I have been called back to active duty. I do not make as much on active duty as I did on the civilian side. I am currently selling my house but even with it gone I don’t make enough to pay my car note and my bank loans. How do I fix this without bankrupcy or repositions? ... Read More »

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