What Are My Military Active Duty Student Loan Forgiveness Options?

Question: Dear Steve, I am currently active duty in the US Army; however, before I enlisted I completed 2 years of college at the University of Kentucky. I have approximately $16,000 in student loans. Do I qualify for any sort of student loan forgiveness due to my active duty service? Hunter Answer: Dear Hunter, I’m … Read more

My Active Duty Military Husband Wants to Retire Next Year Debt Free. – Tonya

“Dear Steve, 35K in credit card debt needing to paid by Aug 2012 I am wondering where I can go to get debt relief. We have great credit scores but banks will not loan because of the debt to income ratio and credit cards keep going up,. My husband is active duty military and we … Read more

My Husband is Active Duty Military and I Can’t Make Ends Meet. – Carrie

“Dear Steve, My family and I are sinking deeper and deeper everyday. We have done alot of things right ,but for everything we do right it seems we do 2 wrong. A normal 1 of the month looks like this: First of the month 1900 Ssi 235 Ssi 188 Clothing allowance 300 Total 2623 House … Read more

I Am On Active Duty in the Army in Iraq and Have a Lot of Debt Back Home. – Henry

“Dear Steve, Im a home owner, a land owner, two cars, two credit cards(both maxed out), and some other credit through the Army I am paying on. I am an active duty soldier in iraq at the moment. I total my debt at close to 120,000 dollars or so. The house is with gmac, land … Read more

I’m on Active Duty in San Diego But Deep in Debt. What Can We Do? – Andrew

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I’m Active Duty Military. Is There Any Relief I Can Get From My Mortgage? – Kenneth

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I’m Active Duty Army in Iraq and Need to Deal With My Debt Back Home. – Howard

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I’ve Been Called Back to Active Duty in the Army. What Do I Do About My Car Payment and Bank Loans? – Larry

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