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Preferred Law Told Me to Stop Making My Mortgage Payments. – Iris

Loan Modification Green Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

“Dear Steve, I recently contacted Preferred Law PLLC to help me with BOA Modification. I have tried for 14 months on my own and this is just to much stress. Of course, they said that they could get it done within 4-6 months and the cost would be $3,900.00. Stop making my mortgage payments, they guarantee it 100 % and ... Read More »

    My Second Mortgage Was Going to Settle So They Got a Judgment. – Din

    closeup of a gavel on cash, from above

    “Dear Jared, I had to short sale one of my investment condos in 2010. We thought the 2nd lien was settling at closing and then they pursued me for the full amount owed and have now place a judgement against me. They refused to settle for less than 75% of what was owed. I also have a promissory to Wells ... Read More »

      How Can I Refinance My Mortgage With Chase? – Mark

      Real Estate Concept

      “Dear Steve, Mortgage is not supported by Fannie or Freddie. Was “self” funded by Washington Mutual (original lender). Now mortgage is held by Chase. Rate is 5.75. Any way to refinance. Does not seem any “Obama plan” is applicable because of non-Fannie or Freddie support. Mortgage Modification? I received same notification from S C Law Firm that you have been ... Read More »

        Are New Vision Relief Center and New Horizon Debt Solutions Legitimate Companies? – Jannina

        Loan Modification Green Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

        “Dear Steve, Trying to get a modification on my present home and also to settle 30k on credit cards debts. I am the only one working in my household my 67 yr husband can not find a job after he was forced retirement and my 18 yrs son who just graduate from high school are not able to find a ... Read More »

          Modification Review Board Wants to Sell Me Advance Fee Loan Modification Help. – Danielle

          Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 5.52.33 PM

          “Dear Steve, I have been looking into the Making Home Affordable Program. I found some companies offering assistance and asked for call backs. I have also been reading some of what they are allowed to do, not do, offer or not offer. I got a call back today from “the Modification Review Board.” I am writing you tonight after seeing ... Read More »

            We Feel We’ve Been Scammed by Caplan Law Group for a Loan Modification. – Delores

            SONY DSC


              National Advocacy Program Says They Can Save Our House From Foreclosure? – Sandra

              Loan Modification Green Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

              “Dear Steve, bank is trying to forclose our house, worth 234000. and only owe 97000. no sale date yet, working with a lawyer trying to resolve, bank just gives the runaround. Received a letter from National Advocacy Program in CA, we are in PA. They are saying they can help us to get a settlement. IS this company leget? We ... Read More »

                We Want to Settle Our Second Mortgage That Charged Off. Is That Possible? – Michael

                Handshake with Money Sign

                “Dear Steve, I owe 490,000.00 on first mortgage and just finished 3 trials of loan modification with fannie mae for a much lower affordable payments. Dropping our interest rate and extending loan for 40 years. Payments went from 4,000 to 2600.00 . Our final papers have not come in yet to finalize. In the meantime we fell behind on our ... Read More »

                  Is Resolution Law Group a Scam? We Are Thinking of Using Them. – Kersandra


                  “Dear Steve, Mortgage issues: We recently refinanced with Sunbtrust Mortgage and is their a bank we can refinance our 2nd Martgage because Suntrust say the 2nd is with a private investor and will not refinance. My husband and I contacted the Resolution Law Group, P.C. of Greenwich, CT through one of their advertisement. My question is: is this a legitiment ... Read More »

                    Did UFAN and Kristin Crone File Bankruptcy? – Andrew


                    “Dear Steve, I have a large judgment against UFAN and Kristin Crone but both have declared bankruptcy. At any point did you have information about their malpractice carrier? Apparently having insurance is optional in CA, and the bankruptcy trustee has been unable to identify a carrier. Andrew” Dear Andrew, I had no idea they had filed bankruptcy. I did go ... Read More »

                      I Want to Improve My Credit and Get a Mortgage With My New Wife. – Devin

                      Couple Buying House

                      “Dear Steve, Although I have made great strides in the last 4 years, I brought a poor credit history and score to our marriage (married for 5 months). My wife, whose name is on our mortgage as she owned our home prior to our marriage, is happy and proud of the work I’ve done to raise my score from 590 ... Read More »

                        The Bank Can’t Find My Mortgage After My Bankruptcy. – Bernice

                        Woman in safari hat looking through binoculars

                        “Dear Steve, I have filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2012 and was discharged from all unsecured debt in June of that year. I have been paying all secured debt which includes a mortgage, a line of equity (no longer useable), and a car note as well as my utilties, insurance payments, etc. All of those bills have been paid ... Read More »

                          What is the Best Way to Refinance Our Florida Mobile Home Mortgage Loan? – Charlene

                          mobile home

                          “Dear Steve, I live in north florida. I would like to refinance my mobile home. I work full time and so does my husband. We have our mortgage with Greentree. I would really really like to refinance with another company. We have fallen behind on our mortage due to my husband being in a work related accident. He was out ... Read More »

                            Bank of America Says I’m Not Eligible for VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL). – Edward


                            “Dear Steve, VA Home loan for $125,000 + Line of Credit for $28,000 = Original basis of $153,000 Went to settlement on August 2007, no representative. Country Wide Bank financed the loan. Lost Job 2009 – Unemployed now and retired! Had to rent property to pay mortage Bank of America now has loan. Loan is no longer a VA backed ... Read More »

                              We Make 150K But Living Paycheck to Paycheck. What Should We Do? – Roy

                              middle age couple

                              “Dear Steve, My wife and I are in our mid 50s living in suburban NY. Our kids are in college. Combined, our income is $150,000. While this is considered to be good money, it just doesn’t seem to be enough to cover our needs and save for the future during the years that we should be doing that. We owe ... Read More »

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