Biden Credit Card Debt Elimination Act – What You Need to Know

On the first day in office as President, Joe Biden is signing the Biden Credit Card Debt Elimination Act. The new federal program will instantly eliminate all of your credit card debt if you contact this company. Act now before the forgiveness is all gone. There is only a limited amount to be granted. I’m … Read more

FTC Attempts to Disinfect Us From Unknown Scammers

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The case filed yesterday by the Federal trade commission (FTC) caught my eye because you don’t often see a case filed against “one or more unknown parties deceiving consumers.” It appears the FTC just got fed up with a scammer claiming to sell products from Lysol and Clorox in this moment of Covid. Whoever the … Read more

United Legal Investigation Bureau is Coming After Me

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Question: Dear Steve, A threatening e-mail saying I owe for a loan I NEVER TOOK. Telling me I will be served if I don’t pay in 24 hours. Threatening all the things you list in your bogus letters. Telling my employer, my family, the case will be downloaded in 24 hours and I will be … Read more

FBI Warns About Hotel WiFi Use – Don’t Use It

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is issuing this announcement to encourage Americans to exercise caution when using hotel wireless networks (Wi-Fi) for telework. FBI has observed a trend where individuals who were previously teleworking from home are beginning to telework from hotels. US hotels, predominantly in major cities, have begun to advertise daytime room reservations … Read more

Online Training Academy to Forgive Consumer Debt

Online Trading Academy will be required to offer debt forgiveness to thousands of consumers who purchased its “training programs,” while the company’s founder and other individuals will together pay between $5 and $9.1 million and turn over assets under the terms of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission that is expected to result in … Read more

FTC Targets Charity Scams About Veterans, Cancer, Police, and Disabled

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The Federal Trade Commission and the Attorneys Generals in New York, Minnesota, Virginia, and New Jersey have filed suit against Outreach Calling, Market Process Group, Outsource 3000, Production Consulting Corp, 7 Production Consulting, Thomas Berkenbush, William English, Mark Gelvan, and Damian Muziani. The suit filed states, “Since at least 2010, Defendants, led by Mark Gelvan, … Read more

ClearPath Falls to CFPB Consent Order They Targeted Veterans for Financial Abuse

Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Bureau) issued a consent order against ClearPath Lending, Inc. (ClearPath), a California corporation that is licensed as a mortgage broker or lender in about 22 states. ClearPath offers and provides mortgage loans guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). ClearPath’s principal means of advertising VA-guaranteed loans … Read more

Apparently You Can’t Trust the Mouse

Online children’s education company Age of Learning, Inc., which operates ABCmouse, will pay $10 million and change its negative option marketing and billing practices to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it made misrepresentations about cancellations and failed to disclose important information to consumers, leading tens of thousands of people to be renewed and charged … Read more

FTC Sick of “Recidivist Scammer” Andris Pukke

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The Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Director Andrew Smith issued the following statement regarding the memorandum opinion issued late last week by U.S. District Court Judge Peter J. Messitte for the District of Maryland, in the matter of In re Sanctuary Belize litigation. “With this $120 million judgment, the Federal Trade Commission has … Read more

Real Estate Celebrities Profited From Deceptive Scheme Says FTC

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking to name celebrity real estate investment promoters Dean Graziosi and Scott Yancey as defendants in a case for their roles in a massive real estate training scheme that bilked consumers out of more than $400 million. Graziosi is known for his appearances in infomercials promoting his books on real … Read more

CFPB Looking for Victims of Loan Modification Scam to Give Refund

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Bureau) today released a series of public service announcements targeting consumers who were harmed by Siringoringo Law Firm, Stephen Lyster Siringoringo, Clausen & Cobb Management Company, Inc., and Joshua Cobb. Eligible consumers include all consumers who paid the Siringoringo Law Firm fees from July 22, 2011 through July 26, 2013. … Read more

Check Your PayPal Account if You Were an Amazing Wealth System Victim

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The Federal Trade Commission is sending out refunds to consumers snagged in the Amazing Wealth Systems scheme by check and PayPal. That is a new payment method. According to the FTC, “The Federal Trade Commission is mailing checks and sending PayPal payments totaling more than $9.1 million to customers who paid for an “Amazing Wealth … Read more

Scammers Who Used Robocalls to Target Cash-Strapped Consumers Banned from Selling Debt Relief Services and Telemarketing

The operators of a Florida-based company that allegedly defrauded financially-distressed and often older-adult consumers with deceptive robocalls claiming they could save them money by reducing the interest rates on their credit cards has settled Federal Trade Commission charges that their conduct was both deceptive and illegal. The proposed court order resolving the FTC’s allegations bans … Read more

Another Debt Relief Credit Card Interest Rate Reduction Sham Gets Slammed by FTC

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Here we go again. Another group of brainiacs takes a turn at the age-old credit card sham effort to dupe consumers. At the request of the Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Office of the Attorney General, a federal court has temporarily halted an alleged sham credit card interest rate reduction operation that often targeted … Read more