Here’s How Much You Need to Make in Every State to Buy a Home

Chances are you’ve considered how much money you would need to earn in order to buy a home. The answer, of course, depends largely on where you live. To give you an idea, finance website recently crunched the housing affordability numbers for each state to ensure you spend your money wisely. To arrive at its estimates, the website layered … Read more

I’d Like to Buy a House But I Can’t Get Approved Because of Delinquent Student Loans. – Hope

“Dear Steve, I have had many delinquencies concerning student loans in the past. At one point in time I thought I was in deferment but obviously I was incorrect. So I show substantial deliquencies in 2006. I actually finished school in 2008 and loans were deferred until 6 months after I graduated. I started paying … Read more

My Past Credit is Dragging Down My Credit Score. I Want to Buy a House.

“Dear Steve, I went through a bad health crisis several years ago (2005-2007/2008) at which time I was in and out of hospitals for periods of up to 15-30 days at a time, on disability and struggling to keep all the bills straight and paid, especially all the different Dr. and medical bills that kept … Read more

We Want to Buy a House But Need to Deal With Our Bad Credit. – Alejandra

“Dear Steve, Im 27 years old, hoping to purchase a home $150,000-$185,000 hopefully in june of 2012. Last years gross combined income was about $85,000. my husband is year 6 post bankruptcy, his score is about 650-680, most of my debt is old, i have a credit score of 584 and 602. I am currently … Read more

I Was Thinking of Taking Your Advice and Filing for Bankruptcy. – Miss M

“Dear Steve, I was thinking of taking your advice and filing for bankruptcy. Of course, I’d like to apply to buy a house, especially during this time when the housing market is down (Good for us buyers but bad for current owners). Also, I expect to get my clearance background cleared and updated (I had … Read more