I Have No Job. Should We Consolidate Our Debt or Go Bankrupt? – David

“Dear Steve, I lost my job a little over two years ago and have not been able to find more than sporadic freelance work since. My wife is the sole income as of now. The problem was like a perfect storm, in that COBRA ate through our savings, and we racked up between $30,000 to … Read more

Coping With Medical Bills

With medical bills skyrocketing, many people feel they simply can’t afford to be sick. But illness and accidents happen anyway, leaving many families financially unhealthy or even bankrupt. While there is no single, simple solution to the high cost of medical care, this brochure is designed to offer suggestions on coping with large medical bills. … Read more

Coping Financially With a Short-Term Disability

George is a truck driver. He experienced a seizure and went to see his doctor. Although the doctor said he is all right, state law prohibits him from driving for six months. Susan expected to go back to work six weeks after the birth of her baby, but she experienced severe depression and was unable … Read more