LendingClub Agrees to Pay $18 Million to Settle FTC Charges

Agency charged the company with deceiving loan applicants about hidden fees Online lender LendingClub Corporation agreed to pay $18 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that the company deceived consumers about hidden fees that it charged and about whether their loan applications were approved. In addition, the settlement bars LendingClub from making misrepresentations to … Read more

Unsecured Debt Consolidation and Personal Loans Being Handed Out at Record Rates

For those with reasonably good to great credit the idea that the bank is the only place to obtain a debt consolidation loan are just incorrect. For quite some time now I’ve been going on and on about peer-to-peer lending networks like LendingClub.com. Lending Club connects people who want an unsecured debt consolidation loan with … Read more

Ready for Zero Launches New Free Service to Help Lending Club Investors

The thing I love about ReadyForZero.com is that it is painfully simple to use to help reduce your credit card debt, or at least to give you a plan on how to do it, for free. Now the brainiacs at ReadyForZero.com have spread their free love with expanding their service to assist people looking for … Read more

The Best Day of the Week to Apply for a Debt Consolidation Loan

You know how sometimes you start wondering about odd stuff. Granted sometimes it’s things like, “How do they get the cream filling in a Twinkie?” Well recently I was curious what day of the week most people apply for a debt consolidation loan. I know, I’m odd that way. In the debt world there are … Read more

Is There a Way to Get a Loan to Consolidate Our Debt? – Denise

“Dear Steve, Making payments to credit cards on time, just have too many and want help to consolidate to make monthly payments lower. We have around $65k of debt—not including mortgage. Is there a way to get our debt consolodated? We refinanced the house and other debt 6 years ago so I know our debt … Read more

Is There a Reputable Company That WIll Help Us Refinance Our Debt? – Russ

“Dear Steve, I am seperated from my wife, she still lives in our house and we are struggling to cover our credit card debt. IS there a reputable company that will help us refinance our debt even though we are living apart? Russ” Dear Russ, Outside of LendingClub.com I can’t think of any other company … Read more

I Just Invested in 34 Debt Consolidation Loans. Do You Know Anybody That Needs One?

I’ve talked a lot about LendingClub.com and I just logged on this month and helped to fund 34 new loan requests. As of right now, 61.45% of all loan requests are for debt consolidation loans and LendingClub.com has issues $138 Million in loans. It is the one resource I know where you can get below … Read more

How to Make Money Helping People to Get Out of Debt

There are all sorts or crooks, scams, get-rich-out opportunities that people fall for to make money and most of those opportunities seemingly hurt others. But what if you could earn a decent return by helping people to get out of debt at a lower interest rate, improve their credit rating and eliminate their debt at … Read more

Should I Get a Bank of America Debt Consolidation Loan? – Erica

Erica “Dear Steve, If I wanted to roll my vehicle, credit cards and a dental bill all totalling about $40,000 which debt consolidation lender would be the best? I was considering BOA as I bank with them but have heard that the loans are a tad bit shady. Erica” Dear Erica, You should read the … Read more

Is There Any Hope For Me to Get Out of Debt? – Kenneth

Kenneth “Dear Steve, I changed jobs last year and had to take my 401k distibution because I had to pay off a loan that I had taken out on that 401K.They charged me the penalty and took taxes out, but I found out this year that I still owed a little over $3000 in additional … Read more

I’m Looking for Debt Relief for $20,000 of Credit Card Debt. – William

“Dear Steve, I have just over 20,000 in credit card debt and was wondering if it was worth looking into debt relief. I have an excellent credit score and am still working, but making little payment on by debt. Is it worth ruining my credit score or does it not affect it that much at … Read more

Isn’t Now the Time to Consider a Real Debt Consolidation Loan?

Interest rates on credit cards are climbing and climbing ever higher before new laws kick in to stop that practice. But in the meantime while those with big balances they can’t pay off just watch their cards get ratejacked, I seriously think this is now the time to strongly investigate a fixed rate debt consolidation … Read more

I Need a Debt Consolidation Loan. Can I Get One? – Melissa

“Dear Steve, I have two lines of credit and one credit card and my husband has an ATV loan all totalling approx. $32000.00. The two line APY’s are great but the credit card APY is outragious and the ATV APY could be better. Is there a way that we could consolidate these four debts into … Read more