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How to Call Your Bank and Negotiate Credit Card Debt Yourself


If you have been following the early tips I suggest for how to negotiate and settle directly with your credit card bank, you have already had several “just calling to keep you posted” conversations with your bank (I recommend you call your lender once a month, or every several weeks, up to month 5 of being late with payments). If ... Read More »

    Want to Settle Discover Credit Card Sending Dispute and Debt Validation


    This post was inspired by my comment exchange with a site reader about negotiating a settlement with a Discover credit card that is now in the hands of a collections law firm. My comment would have been too lengthy a reply on the page the discussion originated, and this is also something that is not all that topical to the ... Read More »

      Can I Negotiate a Settlement With My Own Credit Card Companies? – Larry

      puzzled looking little boy looking to the left

      “Dear Michael, I have the great deal credit debt – long story – used a number courtesy checks against these credit cards to add monies into company believing I would pay them off. Well that did not happen, so I have been paying monthly and these amounts – never go down due the interest rates. Instead of using one of ... Read More »

        How Do I Settle My Debt With a Collection Agency?

        Financing a budget

        “Dear Steve, Time to Face the Dragon? I have 40k in credit card debt amassed during 2 years of unemployment. 28k of it has been sold to third party collectors. I am now in a position to clean it all up. I realize now I should have declared bankruptcy. But it’s too late now since I am employed again. So- ... Read More »

          Can I Negotiate With My Own Creditors to Settle My Debt? – Lesley

          Attractive red-haired female reading a manual before do-it-yours

          “Dear Steve, I currently have $39,000 in credit card debt spread across 5 cards. Two with Chase and 1 each with Citicards, Bank of America, and American Express. I am not behind on any payments, but am only able to make the minimum due on each card every month. I expect that in the next month I may be receiving ... Read More »

            Can I Settle My Debt Myself? – Harvey

            Handshake with Money Sign

            “Dear Steve, I was wondering if it’s advantageous to try and settle multiple cards at one time? The 4 cards will charge off in March (within about 20 days of each other). I will have access to some money by then. With that and a tax return, I might have enough to settle them together. Should I mention to each ... Read More »

              What Should I Expect When I Settle My Debts? – Tes

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              “Dear Steve, I have several collections & charge-offs on my credit report. I am getting ready to have some money to hopefully pay off several of these. Today, I have contacted 5 or 6 of the companies by telephone. For one, I was told they would settle for almost half. Some of the creditors – mainly collection agencies or attorneys ... Read More »

                Debt Settlement Companies Suffer from Premature Representation

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                First, I’d like to say thank you to Steve Rhode for the invitation to make a guest post. Steve, I greatly appreciate you opening up your venue. Rather than focusing on what Debt Relief A La Carte offers, I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss why. It will be much more meaningful for all. I’ve been waiting for a ... Read More »

                  My Daughter Was an Authorized User and Ran Up My Debt. I Have Cash to Settle. – Sharon

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                  “Dear Steve, 23K on credit card debt. I am retired and do not make enough to pay these credit card bills any longer. I let my daughter be an authorized user on 2 credit cards. She and her husband both lost their jobs and just recently broke up. I have been able to make the minimum payments for over 6 ... Read More »

                    Will I Have to Skip Payments to Settle My Debt And Will It Hurt My Credit? – Laura

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                    “Dear Steve, I read your response to Mike about the massive credit card debt and getting no where. I am in a similar position and have two questions in regards to your response. First: In order to request (or attempt to start) a settlement with the credit card company do I first have to skip payments or can I call ... Read More »

                      DIY Debt Settlement – How to Handle Lawsuits

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                      If you or someone you know is going through a difficult debt situation and want to do something about it there are many options available to consider but it’s no secret that debts can be settled directly with creditors and with the overwhelming amount of information online, consumers are educating themselves on how to negotiate settlements on their credit cards. ... Read More »

                        What is Your Opinion of Global Client Solutions? – Eileen

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                        “Dear Steve, I owe $50,000 on credit cards What is your opinion of Global Client Solutions? GCS claims they can help I have read several rip-off or complaints about them. Can we settle these credit card debts on our own? If so, how? Thank you, Eileen” Dear Eileen, I think they probably do a good job as an escrow company, ... Read More »

                          I Can Sell a Property to Raise Cash to Settle My Debts. – Carl

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                          “Dear Steve, i own 3 properties, 2 are owned and one mortgaged . the one with the mortgaged i bought with a domestic partner , we applied for loan together and qualified together and the bank messed up and put him on the deed and not the mortgage . my partner didn’t pay his part and it took all my ... Read More »

                            Should I Settle My Repo Vehicle Debt? – Jackie

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                            “Dear Steve, In November of 2009, I had a vehicle repo-ed. After auction, I owe $15,000. Other than that my credit is ok, I have 1 CC that has recently gone down to about $3500 balance which will be paid off in about 2 more months. I have 1 financed vehicle that is in good standing. I also have student ... Read More »

                              Can I Ask My Credit Card Companies to Settle My Debt? – Tim

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                              “Dear Steve, credit card debt, owe 30k can I ask the credit card companies to settlement my debt if I pay them a large some,,,, I owe about 30k ( 2 different companies) can I give them lets say 18k and clear the books………….or with this impact my credit if they agree to partial settlement? Tim” Dear Tim, You can ... Read More »

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