The Moral Hypocrisy of Avoiding Bankruptcy. It’s Good Enough for Your Church.

Having lived through bankruptcy myself I find it very interesting to observe the camps of bankruptcy lovers and haters. Admittedly I was once in the avoid bankruptcy camp because I just wasn’t well prepared for the experience and didn’t have the right frame of mind. But recent news of the Catholic church filing bankruptcy yet … Read more

What Does the Bible Say About Bankruptcy? Is Bankruptcy Scriptural?

Far too often people come to me for help loaded with all sorts of assumptions, emotional baggage, and guilt about their financial situation. They feel that it is immoral to consider some options and instead set themselves up for long term failure by not knowing all the facts. They launch into five to ten year … Read more

Jeff Met With a Crown Financial Ministries Counselor But Needs More Help

“Dear Steve, It’s a hard thing to admit but my debt is beyond my control. 2000 was the year of me loosing my job, the birth of a son and the beginning of the debt snowball. Over three years of job searching, accepting and leaving a number of positions (I accepted positions with companies I … Read more

What Would Life Be Like if Jesus Was a Debt Collector for Bank of America?

It does not matter what religion that you practice, seeking divine intervention is a common thread that binds us all. And that is good. Since debt does not discriminate among those of various religions we should not discriminate when we talk about a single unified higher power, in this case and for this discussion, God. … Read more

Oh God, Oh Jesus, Oh Allah, Oh Mohammed, Please Help Me Get Out of Debt.

Often people come to me in search of solutions after long periods of desperation and prayer. They search and search for answers and turn to their higher power looking for answers. But I think they often overlook one important point, in their search for solutions and help they’ve been brought here for a reason. The … Read more