How Can I Break My Brooklyn College Transcript Out of Jail?

Question: Dear Steve, I have 110 credits at Brooklyn College but can’t get my transcripts released due to owing 10,000 (due to health problems!). They sent it to a collection agency, so I can’t even do a payment plan. What do you advise? Should I fight the actual debt and pay a lawyer, would filing … Read more

Can I File Bankruptcy and Get My Transcript for My University?

Question: Dear Steve, I owe university, need my official transcripts to apply for a professional license. University has sent the debt to collection agency. After my bankruptcy is filed/discharged will the school have to release my official transcript and actual diploma? Pamela Answer: Dear Pamela, If the debt is owed to the school directly, then … Read more

I Registered for College But Did Not Attend. They Still Want Me to Pay.

Question: Dear Steve, I attended my freshman year at South Eastern University, I then left the school for 1 1/2 years for military obligation. I returned and registered for a semester but did not attend. I never stepped foot on campus nor did I attempt any coursework. I am now trying to obtain my transcript … Read more

For-Profit Law School Sues ABA and Claims Quality is Vague and Hard to Determine

Earlier this month, Arizona Summit Law School sued the American Bar Association after the ABA’s accreditors put the school on probation. Don Lively, Arizona Summit’s president, claims the ABA’s accrediting standards are “vague, indeterminate, and subject to manipulation”; and Penny Wilrich, the law school’s interim dean, accused the ABA of creating a “false narrative” about … Read more

My Niece Left College and Owes Them Money But Wants Her Transcript

Question: Dear Steve, I am inquiring for my niece. She attended a college in Tallahassee and they will not release her transcript due to a debt they says she owes. She was 7 months pregnant when it became difficult for her to continue. She did not officially withdraw from the classes. She is wanting to … Read more

Do I Need All My Transcripts to Go to a New College?

Question: Dear Steve, I’m in a huge dilemma… I attended a community college in fall 2010 to spring 2011… I then transferred to a private university (Millikin University) from the fall of 2011 to spring 2012 and dropped out (young and foolish) I ended up attended Northwest Missouri State in 2013 to 2014. Decided to … Read more

Can Corinthian College Student Get Screwed Over Even More? Yes They Can.

In this previous post I talked about the new Department of Education policy to no longer issue full forgiveness on student loans for students which had been clearly screwed over. In their unbridled dystopian view of how to handle victims, the Department of Education decided only partial forgiveness may be available for students who attended … Read more

How Can I Get My Damn College Transcript When I Owe Them Money

Question: Dear Steve, I attended a private university but left before graduating. I was enrolled there from 2007-2009. There was a balance on my account when I left. This balance was not a loan. It was for tuition, housing, meals, etc. I was not aware of the balance and certainly in no position to pay … Read more

I Owe the School So Much Money They Won’t Let Me Back In

Question: Dear Steve, My family went through rough times back when everyone was being laid off. We lost our house and I ended up with only one parent and my brother after all was said and done. I graduated high school and continued to attend college even though all of what I earned went completely … Read more

Drexel University Won’t Give Me My College Transcript. What Can I Do?

Question: Dear Steve, I attended Drexel University for two quarters and due to family financial problems I had to withdraw because I could no longer afford it. I owe $16,000 but they want me to pay it back all in full and until I do, they are holding onto to my transcript. I only have … Read more