I’m Active Duty Military and Was Told to Hold Off Paying My Student Loans

Question: Dear Steve, This is concerning student college loans… I enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1994, did not get the loan repayment option in my contract (nor did I know about it at the young age of 17). I attended college, by use of unsubsidized Stafford Loans. Graduated college and have been serving active …

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Active Military With a Debt Consolidation Loan We Can’t Afford. Can I Go to Jail? – Carol

Consumer Complaint Submission

My husband and I were in a “good” financial situation. I had paid off the credit cards with a consolidation loan for which I am paying $800.00 per month. In 2008, I lost my job (we are military and got transferred). we ran up the credit cards again…We now owe about $60K, plus bills, two …

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My Husband is Active Duty Military. We Can’t Live Together Because of the Mortgage. – Lisa

“Dear Steve, My husband’s employer did drastic pay cuts in 2009. He left his job of 13 years and joined the Army. Our 1st duty station was Germany. We were able to rent our house out, but the renters left after the lease was up in Sept. Property management company couldn’t rent it out, we …

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My Active Duty Military Husband Wants to Retire Next Year Debt Free. – Tonya

“Dear Steve, 35K in credit card debt needing to paid by Aug 2012 I am wondering where I can go to get debt relief. We have great credit scores but banks will not loan because of the debt to income ratio and credit cards keep going up,. My husband is active duty military and we …

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My Husband is Active Duty Military and I Can’t Make Ends Meet. – Carrie

“Dear Steve, My family and I are sinking deeper and deeper everyday. We have done alot of things right ,but for everything we do right it seems we do 2 wrong. A normal 1 of the month looks like this: First of the month 1900 Ssi 235 Ssi 188 Clothing allowance 300 Total 2623 House …

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I’m Active Duty Assigned to a New Post With a House I Can’t Sell. – Robert

“Dear Steve, You answered a similar question from an active duty member regarding mortgage relief. My situation is as follows. I am active duty, bought a house while on active duty in Colorado Springs. Lived there no problem however I have been ordered to a new post. I have tried to sell the house, but …

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