I’m Struggling on Disability Income. Is American Consumer Credit Counseling Reputable?

Question: Dear Steve, I’m living on permanent disability and dealing with credit card minimum payments that are eating most of my monthly income. I have been told that ACCC American Consumer Credit Counseling (the nonprofit organization) is great at reducing interest rates and monthly payments by 50%. Is this true? Are they reputable? What could … Read more

How to Effectively Communicate Crucial Financial Matters with Family

It’s no secret that consumers – especially adult children – have much to think about when it comes to finances: from how they will help their aging parents and pay for their child’s college education at the same time to affording retirement. It’s not uncommon for family members who are struggling with finances and in … Read more

ACCC and ACC Settle Lawsuit But Timeshare?

Back in 2016 American Consumer Credit Counseling sued American Consumer Credit over the use of the similar name. Well I’m happy to report it appears the suit is not settled, but not without one last flurry of shots over the bow by ACCC and ACCs last minute change of settlement terms. As part of the … Read more

Credit Counselors Offer Important Financial Must-Dos Before 2017

While 2017 is quickly approaching, it is important that consumers take a minute and review their current finances and consider their goals for the New Year. Although 2016 is coming to a close, it is not too late to tie up loose ends and achieve end of the year financial goals. To help with this … Read more

American Consumer Credit Counseling Opens Houston Office

“American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) announced today that it is expanding and opening new offices in Houston, Dallas and San Diego to provide financial education and credit counseling services to additional consumers. ACCC’s new offices have certified counselors available Monday through Friday by appointment only to meet with consumers and provide a wide range of … Read more

American Consumer Credit Counseling Sues American Consumer Credit

Massachusetts based American Consumer Credit Counseling has just filed a lawsuit against Florida based American Consumer Credit alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition. In the complaint the American Consumer Credit Counseling made a number of statements which may raise some concern. The suit states: “Between August 2015 and August 2016, ACCC’s counsel sent 4 letters … Read more

Can Consumers Count on the NFCC to Find the Right Credit Counseling Agency?

Sometimes the strangest stories come out of the simplest questions. In this case it was an inquiry about National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) agencies in Connecticut. From the NFCC credit counseling agency locator page for Connecticut there were 25 agencies listed. So having some time to kill, research ensued. But what was perplexing was … Read more

Credit Counseling Group Provides Financial Literacy Advice

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 03, 2015 On Saturday, March 21st, national nonprofit American Consumer Credit Counseling participated in a financial literacy conference for veterans, active military members, and their families. The second annual Operation Money Wise, a free conference hosted by the Massachusetts Office of Financial Literacy, offered veterans financial education on a variety of … Read more

ACCC Offers 5 Steps to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Boston, MA (PRWEB) March 04, 2015 The amount of consumers who have experienced digital identity theft has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. The biggest issue is more often than not, consumers do not know how to protect themselves against scammers, which is why American Consumer Credit Counseling has released a handful of tips … Read more

First Time Homebuyer Tips From American Consumer Credit Counseling

Mobile Home

Boston, MA (PRWEB) March 02, 2015 Purchasing a home is one of the most important and exciting life investments for an individual to make. In the wake of an economic recession, Americans are even more wary of becoming a first time homeowner. Although taking the plunge can be difficult, American Consumer Credit Counseling has these … Read more

Unprecedented Winter Weather Expenses Piling up for Massachusetts Consumers

Boston, MA (PRWEB) February 25, 2015 It’s no secret that extreme cold and record-setting snow has taken a harsh financial toll on consumers and businesses throughout Massachusetts. The City of Boston has already spent $ 35 million on snow removal, the most ever in its history and almost double what was originally budgeted. Local restaurants … Read more

Greenpath Pays Credit Counselors More

A reader forwarded me a link to a site called Glassdoor where people can do salary searches for specific jobs by salary or opening. The results are kind of interesting. If you sought to be paid the most as a credit counselor, according to Glassdoor, the last place you want to work is Arizona Federal … Read more

Credit Counseling Industry Accused in Potential Historic Turning Point Lawsuit

A lawsuit I’ve been following since it became publicly available back in the middle of October has become a major milestone in what could spell the death of credit counseling as we know it I first learned of this case about six months ago when it was developing but I’d not written anything about it … Read more

American Consumer Credit Counseling Makes Some Interesting Marketing Claims

A reader and tipster (send in your tips here) sent in some concern about the American Consumer Credit Counseling website that they wanted us to see. In light of the Federal Trade Commission Telemarketing Sales Rules that prohibit a number of misleading advertising practices, it is surprising that American Consumer Credit Counseling is making the … Read more