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Credit Counseling Job Opening – Credit Counselor – ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions


ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions - Prior experience in counseling, finance, education, or related degree preferred. Must have an understanding of consumer credit, mortgage, and financial issues... Read More »

    The Weirdest Excuses People Give for Not Paying Their Bills on Time

    Financing a budget

    A few weeks ago, an acquaintance asked me about my job, and upon hearing that I write about budgets and credit cards (and such), she had something she wanted to share. She doesn’t like to pay her credit card bills on time, she told me, because it makes her nervous to see her bank balance dip so low afterward. People ... Read More »

      CredAbility and ClearPoint Credit Counseling to Merge. Watch Out MMI.


      In what comes as no big surprise, the consolidation of the credit counseling industry continues. This time with a big announcement from two players whose merger will create the second largest credit counseling organization. “CredAbility and ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions announced on Oct. 1 that they have agreed to merge their two organizations, effective December 31, 2013. The combination will ... Read More »

        Student Loan Alliance Teaches Credit Counselors What About Student Loans?

        don't believe

        Student Loan Alliance put out a press release earlier this week talking about the training they were giving credit counseling agencies in order to deal with student loan problems. Student Loan Alliance says the credit counseling agencies that participate in their approach and training are The participating organizations are: Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas, Consumer Credit Counseling Service ... Read More »

          Will Going With Clearpoint Credit Counseling Lower My Credit Score? – Mia

          Drive Carefully

          “Dear Steve, I have trying pay off my credit cards for some time and tired of not paying them off. I looked into Clearpoint debt management but I’m worried. I have good credit 740. I have a total of 4 cards with most close to maxed out. Clearpoint says they can lower interest on cards by closing them all and ... Read More »

            Do You Trust ClearPoint to Get You Out of Debt? – Nancy

            Elder Care

            “Dear Steve, i’m a single disabled sick mom making only 1842 monthly on disability and in 2 yrs. i lose my son’s portion which will bring me down to an income of about 1200; i have a house with an 8.5 interest rate and about 28,000 in credit debt and some medical bills and ongoing health issues; i spoke with ... Read More »

              Is Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions Doing Debt Settlement?

              A reader wanted me to watch a past video, that I’ve embedded below. The reader wanted to know if Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions was involved in debt settlement. Clearpoint is an NFCC and AICCCA member agency (source) so the claim they had been involved in debt settlement sounded surprising to me. Typically non-profit credit counseling agencies are scared to touch ... Read More »

                ClearPoint is Suggesting a Payment Plan That Does Not Tackle My Student Loan Debt. – Teri

                Ready to Collapse

                “Dear Steve, I am 26 and a single mom living with my parents. Im not receiving child support but might be soon. I graduated from college but not before a huge mix up had me owing my school 5000 dollars. This money was due a year ago and I’ve been trying to make small payments when I can but its ... Read More »

                  See Who is For and Against California SB 708 Debt Settlement Legislation

                  Ready to Collapse

                  A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me in the link to the current California debt settlement bill that listed who was before and against it. What is interesting to note is that Visa is for it and Consumers Union. Gail Hillebrand who was behind these efforts at Consumers Union is now with the CFPB. In Support of the ... Read More »

                    I’m Worried About Going With ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions or Care One Credit Counseling. – Mike

                    Ready to Collapse

                    “Dear Steve, Married 3 kids combined income of about $90,000 gross. Have a home with an interest only mortgage that’s has a year left before it converts. We owe about $25,000 in credit cards. We want to get the debt taken care so we will have enough to refinance to a fixed rate loan to keep our house. Currently with ... Read More »

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