4 Ways to Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards for Summer Travel

Now that winter is finally over, many Americans are looking forward to the summer travel season with an eye toward using their credit card rewards. But in most cases, award travel is not as easy as it sounds. So this spring, consider these four ways to get the most from your points and miles. 1. Decide … Read more

6 Ways Chasing Credit Card Rewards Can Backfire

There is a lot to like about credit card rewards. Cardholders can earn valuable points, miles and cash back just for spending money on things that they would normally buy. But at the same time, the temptation of rewards can lead cardholders to make unwise decisions that will ultimately cost them more money than any rewards … Read more

Help! Credit Card Rewards Put Me Over the IRA Contribution Limit

What could be more painless than saving for retirement by having cash-back rewards automatically swept into your account? A card linked to your Roth IRA could automatically get a boost from rewards, and you would never miss the money. Except that the last part of “set it and forget it” can come back to haunt … Read more