I Got a Letter About National Certified Debt Relief. Is it a Scam? – LeRoy

“Dear Steve, I received document from Debt Management Division, 1101 Pennsylvania Ave NW 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20004 with a Non Negotiable-Non-Transferable-This is not a check-Actual amount may be less, in the amount of $4,402.24 with a Case Number [X]. it asked me to call 1-877-805-9829. I called this number and talked to a Mike … Read more

What is the Government Monitored Debt Relief Program?

“Dear Steve, I received letter from the Government Monitored Debt Relief Program re: consumer, medical, unsecured, and credit card debt Is this legit? My guess is no. But, would like to hear from you … GMDR 1101 Pennsylvania Ave NW 6th Floor Washington DC, 2004 1-800-753-0376 James” Dear James, It is not a legit program. … Read more

TheCreditExchange.com Signed Me Up For Allegro Law Debt Settlement. – Michele

“Dear Steve, Had 55+ debt from a divorce turned to thecreditexchange.com in Orange County CA to enter a DMP, they signed me up with Allegro Law. I have been with “The Program” since March 2009 in which of course I paid my fees up front, now they have $4320.00 of my money, since I just … Read more

Attorney General Warns Consumers About Credit Repair and Debt Settlement Scams

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum issued a consumer advisory warning Floridians about scams related to credit and debt issues. Companies offering credit repair solutions or debt settlement were among the top concerns reported to the Attorney General’s Office last year. The Attorney General noted that, given the current economic climate, disreputable companies will likely continue … Read more

What Do You Think About Debt Relief Group or Debt Bailout? – Anna

“Dear Steve, I was able to able to make payments on all my accounts until the company I worked for went bankrupt and I lost my job. As of December 2008, I owe $50,000 on six Visa credit cards. This was when I signed up with Allegro Law and November 2009, I found out as … Read more

Debt Settlement Scam Email

Floating around the internet is an email using debt settlement as the hook for the age old Nigerian 419 money scam. Be on the lookout for the following email. If you get one, let me know. From: “MR GOODLUCK JONATHAN” Reply-To: Subject: CONTRACT DEBT SETTLEMENT APPROVED Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 09:21:07 +0100 OFFICE OF … Read more

The Dark Side of Debt Settlement – MSNBC

I’m probably going to get a stern email from the folks at MSNBC saying that I shared too much of one of their stories with you. But the information is so important, you need to read it. I urge you to click through and read the rest of the story. The basic strategy these firms … Read more