Will I Be Charged With a Crime for Not Paying My Debt in the UAE? – Paul

Question: Dear Steve, I am a US citizen. I worked for a company called Ammroc. I left for the states do to serious family issues. It states in Ammroc policy that the company will terminate me if I don’t show to work for 7 consecutive days that I will be terminated. Being that the bank … Read more

How is My Lender in Dubai Calculating My Interest I Owe? – Maria

“Hi Jon, I applied for a personal loan from Dunia Finance in 2014 amounting 35,000AED and my monthly due is 1,695AED. From what I remember I agreed to pay it within 30 months. I don’t usually open the bank statements they are emailing me, but last month I checked and I am surprised to see … Read more

Can A U.S. Collection Company File Criminal Charges Over Dubai Debt? – Jose

“Dear Jon, I left Dubai with a loan amounting to almost £20,000 and right now I’m in the united states. Now Bilkish emailed me and found out where I work and also sent mails to my new employer threatening to file criminal charges against me, how will they do it if I’m here in the … Read more

What You Need to Know About Collectors Chasing You in The UK for UAE Debt

When you move outside of your native country you are said to be an expatriate of the country you are moving from. Many UK citizens move to various places around the world, some for work, some just to escape our weather. And one of the places many Brits move off to is the UAE. And … Read more

A Company is Trying to Collect on a 10-Year-Old Debt From the UAE

[one_fifth_last] “Dear Jon, I left the UAE Dec 2005 and had all clearances from all banks I did business from. Last month EmiratesNBD said I owed them a loan of 100,000 dhs. I do not even remember taking a loan out from them as I never had an account bank account with Emirates Bank. I … Read more

Coyle White Devine Collecting in UK on UAE Debt They Don’t Own

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Coyle White Devine is Threatening Me With Legal Action for Dubai Debt

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