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Banks Still Foreclosing on Wrong People

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by Paul Kiel, ProPublica Four years into the foreclosure crisis, banks say they’ve made major improvements in how they handle struggling homeowners. They’ve promised, for example, not to foreclose on homeowners who are being considered for mortgage modifications. But that’s still happening. Consider the cases of Laurie Pinkerton and Lisa Peterson. The two women, both Californians and Bank of America ... Read More »

    How Soon Can I Buy a New Home After Foreclosure? – Raeburn

    “Dear Andy, We refinanced our mortgage with the assurance we could refinance our home in two years. The company had our appraisal fixed to overstate the value of our house. The mortgage was sold to another comapny and when we went to refinance we were too far upside down for them to pursue helping us. In 2008 we tried for ... Read More »

      Can My Second Mortgage Company Foreclose on Me? – Sharon

      “Dear Andy, Purchased home in 2005 in Michigan with a 1st and 2nd mortgage with same lender. Modified the home became delinquent again modified. now 1st is current and 2nd has been charged off. was offered a settlement but did not have cash on hand. what should we be worried about. can second foreclose 1st is 182,000 2nd 30,000 Can ... Read More »

        Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Said They Could Help Me Save My House. – Michael

        “Dear Damon, Divorce and forced to pay 1700 a month in child support. Lost my job 10 months later. Out of work for almost 5 months. New job salary was significantly less than before. Took over a year to get child support adjusted while still trying to pay same bills. Fell behind on mortgage, property taxes, insurance. Filed chapter 13 ... Read More »

          False Attorney Signatures Cast New Doubts on Foreclosures

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          by Sasha Chavkin, ProPublica Many foreclosures have been thrown into question because of flawed documentation such as inaccurate affidavits describing a mortgage’s history. But three recent court cases point to another type of flaw in foreclosure filings that could place thousands more cases in doubt: false attorney signatures on court documents. Experts said that foreclosures that relied on court documents ... Read More »

            Disabled Military Vet Wonders What to Do About Letting His Home Go.

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            “Dear Steve, I am an disabled American War Veteran, Husband and father of three. I own a home in New Jersey and my employer (Federal Government) decided to move me to North Carolina. I have since rented a home here, but we decided to buy here also. The mortgage on the second home is about the same as the rent. ... Read More »

              How Can I Best Buy Back My House in Foreclosure? – Michael

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              I have a family of 4; we are currently renting a house two doors from a house that is in foreclosure. Today is 11/07/2010, and the house survived the first auction has another auction date of 11/23/2010 and is also on the market as a short sale. Through the realtor a short sale offer was just made on the house ... Read More »

                Will The Bank Come After Me For The Difference When My House Sells at Auction? – Daniel

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                My home is worth approximately 90k less than what I owe on it. If I file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can the bank who hold my mortgage come back on me for the difference between what the house sells for at a Sheriffs sale or auction and the amount owed on the loan Daniel It’s time to put debt behind ... Read More »

                  We Are at Risk of Losing Our Home and Car. – Hannah

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                  My fiance and I are in risk of losing our home and possibly our car. Last February my fiance lost his job and we fell behind. He started working in April but we were so far behind we couldn’t catch up. Now I am out of a job and we are about to lose everything. Both of our credits are ... Read More »

                    Foreclosed Homeowners Return to Poke Around Old Home After Six Months

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                    Here is a very interesting video from a family that was previously evicted from their home and returned six months later to look at the old house again. What struck me in the video was their statements about how much stuff they left behind when they had to leave the home. My experience with visiting foreclosures is they are often ... Read More »

                      Putting the Foreclosure Paperwork Scandal in Perspective

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                      by Marian Wang,ProPublica The scandal over flawed paperwork and sloppy practices by mortgage servicers continues to broaden. The issue is complicated, and “robo-signers” — individuals working for servicers and signing off on thousands of foreclosure documents without much verification — are only part of the picture. So we brought some of our questions about the broader foreclosure process to Geoff ... Read More »

                        Clinton Wants to Know “Am I Doing The Right Thing By Repaying My Debt?”

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                        Clinton “Dear Steve, I am receiving social security disability insurance (SSDI) and got abandoned with a mortgage back in 2007 that went into foreclosure. I know I can’t get the foreclosure removed but I have been diligently trying to pay off all of my outstanding debt, charge-offs and the ones that report a zero balance but the collection agencies keep ... Read More »

                          GAO Takes Closer Look at Home Loan Modification Scams

                          The Government Accountability Office (GAO) comprised a report, Homeownership Preservation: Federal Efforts to Combat Foreclosure Rescue Schemes Are Under Way, but Improved Planning Elements Could Enhance Progress, based on “information available to federal and state agencies and nonprofit organizations, such as consumer complaints and the number of enforcement actions.” The report revealed two predominant schemes in this day and age ... Read More »

                            Even Though Cosigner Wants to Payoff Mortgage, Chase Bank Still Foreclosing

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                            In an odd twist, a Stratford, Connecticut man’s mother is being foreclosed on by Chase Bank even though he is wiling to pay the mortgage off. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

                              Lost Your Home in Foreclosure? You May Be Getting a BIG Bill.

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                              Many people believe that simply because they have lost their home in foreclosure that their financial worries are now behind them. Not so fast bucko. If a lender has taken a loss on a property that was foreclosed on they can go after the consumer for the amount due after the foreclosure. This is why I often suggest that people ... Read More »

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