WSJ Article Slays Debt Settlement Companies Using Personal Loan Offers to Bait and Switch

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article “That Offer to Make You Debt-Free? It Can Make You Worse Off.” I’ve long been critical that some personal loan offers being mailed to consumers are potentially a bait-and-switch tool to tell people they don’t qualify for a loan and instead are switched to an expensive debt …

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GreenLink Financial Mailers Have Me Searching for Answers

I received two mailers from a reader as part of my I Buy Junk Mail program. These mailers are from GreenLink Financial and a few minutes of some basic looking around got me even more curious. The GreenLink Financial website looks like a personal loan site but I came across this perplexing statement on their …

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Should I Go With Greenlink or Personal Lending Group to Get Out of Debt?

Question: Dear Steve, I have a couple of strikes against me. First strike is that I have an ex-husband who sticks me with medical bills and our 3 children’s extra curricular activities. All are under ages 15. The 2nd is that I am a poor money manager. Before I knew it I was over my …

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