My International Academy of Design and Technology Student Loan Debt is Following Me Forever

Question: Dear Steve, I attended International Academy of Design and Technology in Orlando, FL starting in 2006, and like most, took out student loans with Sallie Mae (now Navient) to help pay for the education. The school assured my parents and myself that they would be accredited for Interior Design by the time I graduated, … Read more

I Cosigned for Student Loans From International Academy of Design and Technology And I’m Stuck

Question: Dear Steve, I co-signed for my daughters school loan. Private and government loans. I went bankrupt in 2009 and lost everything my home everything. Sallie Mae had the loans at the time. I sent certified to ask for Hardship forgiveness and all the loans were named in BK. Under to law that I see … Read more

My Sanford Brown Campus if Closing and Nobody Will Accept My Credits

Question: Dear Steve, You’re post about IADT switching to Sanford Brown and now closing – that’s me. To make matters worse I moved to New York and attended a school that now also has accreditation issues. I left the school thinking I could transfer but because of the issues, no other school took my time … Read more

I Attended the International Academy of Design & Technology IADT in Chicago Won’t Release My Transcript. – Sam

“Dear Steve, I attended IADT in Chicago Fall 1999. I met with an academic adviser who I soon learned was a salesperson not an adviser, I expressed my concern over the high tuition costs and was told that I need to pay an enrollment fee and that the rest would be covered by financial aid … Read more