How to Proceed With a Student Loan Bankruptcy Discharge Adversary Proceeding

Question: Dear Steve, I want to file an Adversary Proceeding against the Dept of Education and Navient. Can you please give me an idea as to what kind of discovery, etc to expect from the Dept. of Education and Navient in a proved adversary proceeding. Also, any suggestions on arguing prong 2 of the Brunner … Read more

I Cosigned for Student Loans From International Academy of Design and Technology And I’m Stuck

Question: Dear Steve, I co-signed for my daughters school loan. Private and government loans. I went bankrupt in 2009 and lost everything my home everything. Sallie Mae had the loans at the time. I sent certified to ask for Hardship forgiveness and all the loans were named in BK. Under to law that I see … Read more

I’ve Struggled With Mental Health Issues and Student Loans and I’m Thinking of Bankruptcy – Jenny

Question: Dear Steve, First, thank you for all the wonderful advice over the years. Claimed bankruptcy in 1999 due to mental health issues. Time went on, rebuilt my credit, became older/wiser and got my credit score way up. Bought a house, had a child, got married, got master’s degree. Partner left when child was 7 … Read more

I’m Disabled and Want to Get My Sallie Mae Student Loans Discharged in Bankruptcy – Josh

Question: Dear Steve, I took out three private student loans through Sallie Mae (now Navient) between 2005 and 2007 to attend an ITT Tech campus (as I’m sure you’re aware, ITT has recently been shut down). What started out as $30,000 has now ballooned to approximately $62,000. The loans became delinquent in October of 2013 … Read more

Is There Any Hope for My Son to Bankrupt His Private Student Loans?

“Dear Steve, My son has about 150,000 in private student loan debt. Which I feel is my fault as I filled out the paperwork and told him never to worry we would work it out and then the 2008 collapse. Could you recommend the best course of action for dealing with these. Filling for bankruptcy … Read more

Can I Still Do an Adversary Filing on My Old Bankruptcy Over Student Loans?

“Dear Steve, My wife and I filed for bankruptcy in 2005. I tried including my student loans but was told I couldn’t. I was never told about this adversary filing. I filed for bankruptcy as a result of medical illness. At that time I was Declared legally disabled for a closed period of time.(yes during … Read more

The Debt Organization Took a Lot of Money From Me and Now I’m Filing Bankruptcy. Can I Get Any Back? – Susan

“Dear Steve, I was over my head in credit card debt and heard about this company on a local radio show. I notified this debt organization and they said they could help. I started with them in June 2008 up until March 2010. They withdrew monthly 1,000.00. So obviously I am out 18,000.00 and am … Read more