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I Was Unfairly Terminated and My Firing Caused a Bunch of Debt


“Dear Steve, I was left terminated after corporate falsely identified me not eligible for a temporary leave when I have documented hospital visits to remain out of work for the needed amount of time to qualify for the temporary leave. Corporate denied my request, even though I met qualifications. And was later corrected but due to their rehire policy they ... Read More »

    I Don’t Want My Student Loans to Hurt My Credit Report

    Businesswoman leaving office after being laid off carrying box o

    “Dear Steve, I owe $17,000 on my student loans. I have been able to make the payments each month, but I just learned that I will be soon losing my job. I don’t have an emergency fund and I will not collect enough on unemployment to make the payments with my other expenses. What is the best course of action ... Read More »

      Which Debt Settlement Company Do You Recommend? – Laura

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      “Dear Steve, Basically I have debt, a lot of it. My spouse and I are working, however, he was laid off and took another job where he made substantially less than he was making. Through the course of the past year, expenses have risen and our income decreased. Our savings is about depleted and I am considering debt settlement, but ... Read More »

        I Need Help Fast. They Want to Take Me to Court. – Luke

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        “Dear Steve, I’m in my early 30’s., recently divorced, & have no children. I was laid off in February after I moved out west for a job n ’09. All this has depleted all funds My problem is I have maxed out my CCs & am in debt $70k(give or take few grand) & it’s all u secured. Also, I ... Read More »

          Do I Wait for the Court to Dismiss My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? – Asia

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          “Dear Steve, i filed for a chapter 13 bankruptcy. i have not yet been to court expect for the meeting with the creditors. we are in the beginning stages of the bankruptcy. my husband and i have both been laid off so we are unable to pay the bankruptcy. i asked my lawyer to dismiss the case the response was ... Read More »

            I’m a Lawyer With a Law Degree From a Top Law School and I Can’t Find a Job. Michael

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            Michael “Dear Steve, I’m almost 30 years old, have a law degree from one of the top law schools in the country, and was laid off in December after working only a few months. In any other economy, I’d be easily employable. Sadly, the world is not looking for junior lawyers with little experience right now. I’ll probably get a ... Read More »

              How to Survive a Job Loss

              Example 1

              If you’ve ever lost a job, you know how devastating it can be. It doesn’t really matter how you lost it — a company reorganization, merger, forced retirement or simply being fired — the results are the same. It probably feels like everything you’ve worked for is gone, including your income. And because losing a job is often unexpected, you’re ... Read More »

                I Was Trying to Get In a Debt Management Program But Wife Got Laid Off. – Jonathan

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                “Dear Steve, I have some debt that its been over 7 years old, most of them were when I was single, been married for 6 years. I just cant continue like this. total debt is 17,000.00 I being sued by a collection agency for 10,000.00, I was trying to get into one of those debt management program, but wife got ... Read More »

                  I Lost My Job And Then Found Out I Was Pregnant. – Amanda

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                  “Dear Steve, In August ’08 I lost my job and a month later found out I was pregnant. I was in search of a job immediately after losing my job but still used my card for a few things. I have a $9400 american express deb from over the years. That was one card that overwhelmed me due to affording ... Read More »

                    I Am in a Debt Management Plan With Only $100 a Month to Spare. – Lynn

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                    “Dear Steve, I have about 24000 in debt credit cards and loans. I was in a debt management plan about 5 months ago with a local company. I was off of work for a sort time. What I currently pay out now i have about $100 left each month to live on. If I decide to go with another company ... Read More »

                      How Can We Get Out of This Credit Card Debt Since We Are Unemployed and Laid Off? – Bobbie

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                      “Dear Steve, We have about 50K in credit card debt. My husband got laid off the end of Jan. 2010, with little in savings we can’t make our monthly payments with my income and his unemployment. Trying to figure out if we should try to work with the credit card companies themselves or do to a debt management/settlement program or ... Read More »

                        I am a Sales Professional, Unemployed and Unable to File Bankruptcy Again. – Vicki

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                        Vicki “Hi Steve, I have been in sales for quite some time. Unfortunately, the last three years I have had to take a reduction in pay when the companies I worked for either went to commission only, the housing market crashed, or the total compensation packages were “streamlined.” I took what was to be a good job with a great ... Read More »

                          I’m 8 Months Pregnant and My Husband and I Were Laid Off at the Same Time. – Kristin

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                          “Dear Steve, My husband and I were laid off in Nov of 2008 within 24 hours of each other, and I was eight months pregnant! We both looked for work for a long time. My husband just got a job about a month ago and I am still currently looking. We each have 2 credit cards in our name only. ... Read More »

                            My Debts Finally Equal My Income. I’m Using Credit Cards to Pay Bills. – Julie

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                            “Dear Steve, I had paid off my debts in 2002, however since then, I had been laid off twice (different times) by different companies expanding nearly a couple of years. The credit card companies were offering low interest rates all over the place, so eventually I ended up accruing a large debt through the years since then. My annual current ... Read More »

                              Can I Go Bankrupt Even Though I Used the Credit Cards to Get By? – Lee

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                              “Dear Steve, Since last March, I have charged $30,000.00 in Credit Card purchases. The bulk of this was March thru May 2008. In May My hours were reduced (At that point I was using my credit card for survival. I.E. Groceries, Gas, Utilities, Car Repairs and needs). In August I was laid off and still am. In Mid December I ... Read More »

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