President Obama Laid Me Off and I Can’t Afford My Student Loans – Jacque

Question: Dear Steve, I have a federal student loan @ $110,000 from 2003 – 2011. I was laid off from the Federal Bankruptcy Court in 2014 thats to Mr Obama with only 19 months left till early retirement. I took a job that pays 65% less (income dropped from 62,000 to 24,000) and the same … Read more

I Was Unfairly Terminated and My Firing Caused a Bunch of Debt

“Dear Steve, I was left terminated after corporate falsely identified me not eligible for a temporary leave when I have documented hospital visits to remain out of work for the needed amount of time to qualify for the temporary leave. Corporate denied my request, even though I met qualifications. And was later corrected but due … Read more

I’m a Lawyer With a Law Degree From a Top Law School and I Can’t Find a Job. Michael

Michael “Dear Steve, I’m almost 30 years old, have a law degree from one of the top law schools in the country, and was laid off in December after working only a few months. In any other economy, I’d be easily employable. Sadly, the world is not looking for junior lawyers with little experience right … Read more

I Lost My Job And Then Found Out I Was Pregnant. – Amanda

“Dear Steve, In August ’08 I lost my job and a month later found out I was pregnant. I was in search of a job immediately after losing my job but still used my card for a few things. I have a $9400 american express deb from over the years. That was one card that … Read more

How Can We Get Out of This Credit Card Debt Since We Are Unemployed and Laid Off? – Bobbie

“Dear Steve, We have about 50K in credit card debt. My husband got laid off the end of Jan. 2010, with little in savings we can’t make our monthly payments with my income and his unemployment. Trying to figure out if we should try to work with the credit card companies themselves or do to … Read more

My Debts Finally Equal My Income. I’m Using Credit Cards to Pay Bills. – Julie

“Dear Steve, I had paid off my debts in 2002, however since then, I had been laid off twice (different times) by different companies expanding nearly a couple of years. The credit card companies were offering low interest rates all over the place, so eventually I ended up accruing a large debt through the years … Read more

Kim is Stressing Out Trying to be Frugal in Hard Times and Make Ends Meet

Kim “Dear Steve, I’m paying credit debt on time not getting anywhere with minimum payments. Husband laid off from work 15 months. Not using cards just trying to pay off. Income is very limited. How can I get ahead with paying off cards. Income is tight. Getting behind on other bills (house, gas, electric) husband … Read more

I’m Laid Off, On Unemployment, And Can’t Afford My Credit Card Payment. – Melvin

Melvin “Dear Steve, I am behind a credit card a total of 700.00. I am currently laid off from my job with 3 kids, a rent payment, a car payment, and other household bills. my unemployment is only 326.00 a week. The collection agency has started harassing me with phone calls everyday. What can i … Read more

My Husband is Going to Be Laid Off This Friday. – Lori

Lori “Dear Steve, My husband is going to be unemployed Friday. We aren’t in dire straights just yet however there are only so many hours I can work. He is making the radar but with 9 interviews underfoot and 2 more scheduled he still has found no work. We have submitted over 50 applications to … Read more