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I’m Deep in Debt and Previously Filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. What Should I Do? – Juan

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“Dear Steve, I am in deep in debt with installment loan companies locally and 3 payday loan places. I owe a total of about $15,000 when combined. I am looking for a way out. I have previously filed for bankruptcy ch.7 and was thinking ch. 13 but the lawyer is charging $3500.00 to do this. Is debt settlement a good ... Read More »

    Buried in Payday Loans. What Are Our Options With Poor Credit? – Jaime

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    “Dear Steve, My husband and I are currently buried in 4 different payday loans which is costing us over $1200/month. The sick part is…without these ridiculous payments we would be doing just fine. It is so frustrating that we allowed ourselves to get into the situation in the first place. I saw your advice about Lending Club and wanted to ... Read More »

      I’m Sad Desperate, Totally Confused and Drowning in Payday Loans


      “Dear Steve, I came up short on a bill and needed immediate help to cover the payment. Someone suggested that I apply for a payday loan to cover the bill. I applied for a loan and of course I was approved. That helped the immediate problem, but what happened further down the road is the real issue. I have continued ... Read More »

        Octomom the Latest to Endorse Payday Loans

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        [repostus thumb=2569712 hash=8de81793c1c5e05ac067a54a2626145a title=Octomom%20the%20Latest%20to%20Endorse%20Payday%20Loans short=1iztg] Read More »

          Study: Payday Loans Used for Expenses, Not Emergencies

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          [repostus thumb=2584759 hash=f948eb892894bd187b60668de1e8392e title=Study%3A%20Payday%20Loans%20Used%20for%20Expenses%2C%20Not%20Emergencies short=1iJl8] Read More »

            How Do I Deal With Payday Loans That Are Defaulting? – Lynn

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            I gambled and lost : Waiting for the unemployment insurance that was denied I took out 3 payday loans. stupid, yes. what do I do now? I closed the checking account but the trouble with fees and collections will be devastating. any suggestions? How do I deal with payday loans that are defaulting? Lynn This is your chance to be ... Read More »

              My Husband is a Deputy Sheriff and We Are Trying to Get Out From Under These Payday Loans. – Dawn

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              “Dear Steve, I have 3 payday loans, 5 installment loans and I am trying to get those paid off. The problem, of course, is the pay day loans. I live in Texas and want to know if we can use the EPP for the payday loans and if we should close down our current bank account and start a new ... Read More »

                Need a Consolidation Program for Multiple Payday Loans in Default. – Kelly

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                “Dear Steve, Steve, I currently have several online payday loans currently in default. I am wondering if their are any reputable payday loan consolidation programs available online? My credit is poor which prohibits me from taking out traditional loans to cover these debts. Thank You, Kelly” Dear Kelly, In short, no. In order to get an unsecured debt consolidation loan ... Read More »

                  Pay Day Loan Consolidation Advice


                  I have several pay day loans and would like to know who I can go about consolidating them into one lower monthly payment. Anne Dear Anne, There are good options for unsecured debt consolidation through and I’ve recommended those companies to people in the past and people seem to be happy with either of those companies. I hate ... Read More »

                    How do I get out of this payday loan cycle of doom. – Joe

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                    I live in CA. I took out 9 payday loans. I have been paying nothing but interest and finance fees. From what I understand, it is illegal to have more than one payday loan out at a time in CA. Does this negate my other 8 current loans? None of my lenders are in CA, they are all out of ... Read More »

                      How Do We Get Out of Payday Loan Hell? I’m a Navy Veteran. – Monica

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                      “Dear Steve, We are in payday debt hell, owing a current balance of $7461.92. We have a montly income of over $6,000 with monthly household debt of approximately $3,000. We are in this situation for several reasons, all my fault, bottom line. We should be able to live very comfortably; actually we have a mortgage, a car loan payment, and ... Read More »

                        I’m At the End of My Rope and In Debt to Payday Loans Again. – Nicey

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                        “Dear Steve, I am at the end of my rope Steve. My finaces are out of the roof. Payday loans have once again become a part of my vocabulary, where I once promised myself I would never do it again, becuase of previous payday loan trouble. So I am back into the trap where I cant go without the payday ... Read More »

                          I’m Repaying My Debt But Have Payday Loans. – David

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                          “Dear Steve, i am in 2nd year of credit proposal and got hooked up with wrong person now have pay day loans and at the end of my rope.dont no what to do how can i get out of this mess i make good money but just got to deep. Dont no what to do David” Dear David, Since I ... Read More »

                            How Can I Break Free of Payday Loans Without Bankruptcy? – Mary

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                            “Dear Steve, payday loans after years in some payday loans now i find myself in a situation that i can’t seem to break free of i tried to work out a payment plan with the three of them it’s like i hit a brickwall. do i have anything to say, i want to pay them off i just need a ... Read More »

                              Knocked Hard and Took Out Payday Loans. Husband Now Unable to Work.

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                              “Dear Steve, Our family has had several hard knocks lately which has led me to take out several payday loans to the point of paying ALL of my paycheck every two weeks to the lenders. My husband’s check covered our rent, utilities, etc., but he was involved in an accident and is now unable to work. Are there any LEGITIMATE ... Read More »

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