Where Did My Payments Go That I Sent to Payday Support Center? – Rolanda

Question: Dear Steve, My name is Rolanda and my situation is as follow. About three years ago I call Payday Support Center so that I could get out of my payday loan debt so that it wouldn’t hurt my credit score. So, before I filled out any paper I call and ask my lenders do … Read more

Debt Relief Provider – Banned by FTC

The owners of a debt relief operation that targeted consumers with outstanding payday loans will be banned from the debt relief business under settlements with the Federal Trade Commission. In February 2015, the FTC filed a complaint alleging that Jared Irby, Richard Hughes, Coastal Acquisitions LLC, and PSC Administrative LLC, who typically did business as … Read more

FTC Gets Stuffed by PSC Administrative et al

In March of 2016 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed an amended complaint against PSC Administrative, Payday Support Center, Coastal Acquisitions, Infinity Client Solutions, Jared Irby, and Richard Hughes. The FTC alleged the Defendants sought out consumers with payday loans to sell them a debt settlement or debt validation solution. It seems the program was … Read more

FTC Sues to Stop Deceptive Debt Relief Operation

Complaint is Agency’s First against Defendants Promising Payday Loan Debt Relief The Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint in federal district court, aiming to stop an operation that has targeted consumers with outstanding payday loans, saying they could help resolve those debts but then providing little or none of the financial relief they promised. … Read more