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Should I Pay My Old Debts or Just Let Them Fall Off My Credit Report? – Lucas

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“Dear Steve, I got laid off about 6 or 7 years ago. During that time, all my accounts; credit cards… loans, personal accounts went into default. Today, over 6 years later, my credit is worse than it has ever been. I believe that all my credit cards,and accounts that went into default fall under “expired debt” since they are atleast ... Read More »

I’m Paying Off Old Collection Account But I Want Better Credit So I Can Buy a House. – Angie

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“Dear Steve, Have several old collection accounts (most are over 2 years old). Also had late vehicle payments. Have since paid off the vehicle and bought another, which I am current on. Have paid off 3 other old collections, but still have about $3000 worth of debt. My score was around 590 a few months ago. Since then I have ... Read More »

I Want to Repair My Credit Report and Improve My Credit Score After Debt Settlement. – Brian

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“Dear Steve, I had 3 charge-offs on my credit report: (1) Capital-One–$5,200 (2) Macys–$1,300 and (3) Dell Financial Services–$4,200. I used a settlement company to pay these off (at about 50% rate, plus 35% of the savings to the debt settlement company). I have ~ 10 derogs reported on my credit report from a student loan lender who marked that ... Read More »

Paying Off Debt In Collections. – Tom

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I must admit–I was reckless and immature when it came to credit card spending. I was living out of my means through credit cards. By 19 years old I had 15 credit cards and more than $20k in credit card debts. When I turned 20 I couldn’t keep up with the payments and it all went to collections. Now I ... Read More »

I Asked for Your Help Before in Paying Off My Debt. – LaQuanda

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“Dear Steve, I asked for your help a while ago on paying off my credit and reestablishing some kind of credit. I took your advice and I am happy to say that I have paid off most everything except a repo which I am making payments on. I waited after paying some things off and took your advice to try ... Read More »

Should I Just Let My Bad Credit Sit and Fall Off? – Lucas

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“Dear Steve, Pretty much, at one point, i was living well…. then came the layoff. everything i had (including student loans, and car loans) went into default. now, almost 6 years later i am finally gettin back on my feet. All my defaulted debt is expired debt in colorado and their statute of limitations to sue has passed. my credit ... Read More »

My Husband Died and I’m Afraid to Look at My Credit Report. – Faye

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“Dear Steve, In ’03 I moved 1100 miles from home with my husband.He got a job right away. 30 days later we found out he had brain cancer. He passed in ’05. I am in bad health but was denied disability until I turned 60. I am on widow’s benefits now. Neither of us could work while this was going ... Read More »

How Can I Build My Credit With No Job? – Maria

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“Dear Steve, I just got my residency and would like to know how to start building my credit. I don’t work so I have no idea if lenders are going to give me any credit cards and my husband has bad credit that we need to fix too. How can I build my credit with no job? Maria” Dear Maria, ... Read More »

I’m Not Willing to Go Bankrupt Because of the Disadvantages. – Lisa

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“Dear Steve, I was divorced last year and now have a $4000 apartment debt that we incured soley on me. I have a repo’d car $20,000 and an accident bills looming over my head($10,000). So I have about $35,000 in debt how do I A: pay it off, and B: Rebuild my credit? Bankruptcy is not something I am willing ... Read More »

I’ve Never Had Credit Cards. How Do I Improve My Credit Score? – Albert

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“Dear Steve, My score is at 630 and I want to improve it, but how? I don’t owe anyone and have never had a credit cards really. How do I establish better credit? I owe only like some parking tickets (2) but other than that nothing. I bought a car years ago, I was late only like 4 payments out ... Read More »

I Was a Client Caught in the Allegro Law Debt Settlement Mess and I Now Need to Reestablish Credit. – Georgia

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“Hello Steve, I’m one of your readers mixed up in the Allegro mess. We’ve filed bankruptcy. Now, the task of reestablishing credit. I’ve been looking at Public Savings Bank. I saw your review. I wanted to double check and make sure this is a legitimate company. After Allegro, I don’t know if I can trust anything. Thanks, Georgia” Dear Georgia, ... Read More »

Can I Get the Bank to Remove the Charge Off From My Credit Report? – Ellen

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“Dear Steve, My credit score is currently listed at about 560 ish with Experian and Equifax. There are a total of 5 olds accounts all not more that 400.00 dollars. I paid 3 off and I’m waiting for my paid in full letter. the other two I am disputing because a junk debt dealer bought the accounts, changed account numbers ... Read More »

When Do We Start to Rebuild Our Credit After Bankruptcy? – Ed

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“Dear Steve, I went bankrupt in 2006. It will be paid off this year (2010). I had a forclosure in 2007. I did not have to pay anything on the forclosure. My wife and I are now both employed and have good income. Bad credit though and want to get a home, renting now. We are getting ready to pull ... Read More »

Chris Has Bad Credit. I Show Him How to Easily Get Good Credit.


“Dear Steve, I’m 35, new dad, have a terrible credit score(in the 400s), want to improve my score for a better quality of life, and most of my debts are 8 years and older. I want to find specific information on how to remove old debts from my credit report. (ex. To whom do I write my letters? What should ... Read More »

I’m Not Paying My Bills But Need to Rebuild My Credit. – John

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“Dear Steve, I am currently past due and do not pay payments on my debt. I am aprox. $2500 in debt from two credit cards, a loan, and debt thats being collected from another source from sprint. I have not planned on paying any of these but i need to build credit and fix this. What is the appropriate way ... Read More »

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