National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Bankruptcy Arguments Getting Sharp

A group of attorneys are fighting the good fight in a case involving another stinking National Collegiate Student Loan Trust case. The arguments about why these particular private student loans should be discharged in bankruptcy have been sharpened through several cases and litigation. When I read the summary, in this case, it seemed that the … Read more

I Just Settled My Student Loan With National Collegiate Student Loan Trust and TERI

Question: Dear Steve, Just settled with National Collegiate Thrust and Teri Loans. Got a charged off statement document, does this count as income? What did this mean??? Horse Answer: Dear Horse, The forgiven debt is treated as income and you should receive an IRS Form 1099-C. If you are not insolvent you may owe income … Read more

I Think My St. George University Private Student Loans From Richland State Bank May Be Dischargeable in Bankruptcy

Question: Dear Steve, At 58 yrs old I went back to school, attended St George’s University school of Veterinary Medicine 2002-2006, 16 private loans, filed bankruptcy 10/2009, discharged in 1/4/2010. Did not know about adversary proceeding at the time. Currently, I have a civil suit against me to collect on debt. They filed the suit … Read more

Big Case Proving Ability to Discharge Student Loans in Bankruptcy

Times are changing when it comes to being able to discharge student loans in bankruptcy. And while the road has been paved by a few who have been successful, one 2013 case decided by the U.S. Appeals Court in the Ninth Circuit seems like it gives hope to those who want to discharge their student … Read more

I Can’t Find a Debt Consolidation options for My TERI Student Loans. – Amanda

“Dear Steve, I have the current dilemma regarding my student loans. When I first went to college I had to get a loan as soon as possible in order to stay in the dorms, so without proper research, I ended up applying for a $40, 000 private loan through Teri. A year later once realty … Read more