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I Want to Avoid Bankruptcy for Fear of a Background Check? – Monse

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My business failed after 17 years. I Will not bore you with the details. This was my family main source of income. I guaranteed all business loans for the business including two SBA loans. I have just received a Summons from AMEX for one of the accounts, expecting several others to follow, as I am unable to make payments (any) ... Read More »

    Do I Have to Pay My Second Mortgage Home Equity Loan After My Bankruptcy? – Julie

    “Dear Lewis, I filed Ch. 7 bankruptcy last year. I did not file on my 1st home mortgage or my 2nd mortgage – home equity loan and chose to continue paying them. I never signed any reaffirmation statements after the bankruptcy. Recently my loan officer pulled my credit and saw that my reports show I have zero balances on both ... Read More »

      Dave is in a CCCS Credit Counseling Program But Feeling Hopeless

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      “Dear Steve, Family of 4 (13 yr & 12 yr girls). My salary = $112K, wive’s salary = $40K. Total Assets $292K (liquid $10K, autos $9, house $200, 401K $73K). Total Liabilities $204K (mortgage $112, home equity loan $41K, credit cards $24K, 401K loans $22K, auto loan $5K). Net worth = $88K. . .plummeted 35% in last year. How did ... Read More »

        I Want to Use a Home Equity Loan to Get Out of Debt. – Sandy

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        “Dear Steve, I ran up some credit card debt starting a business and would like to pay it off. Right now I am using balance transfers with 0% (but with 3% transfer fee) to keep a handle on the debt, but it’s an on-going game. I’d like to make it simple and focus on paying off all the credit card ... Read More »

          Forgotten Regulations That You Can Use to Make Your Creditors Treat You Fairly

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          If you are concerned about the way credit card companies and other lenders do business, you will be pleased to discover a little known regulation enacted for your protection. Regulation Z, or the Truth in Lending Law, regulates certain credit card practices and helps you know the true cost of credit and achieve a fair and timely solution to credit ... Read More »

            How Should I Borrow? The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Loans and Debt Solutions

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            If you’re in debt you may have considered borrowing to consolidate your payments, lower your interest costs or even to stay afloat a little longer. Before you borrow, consider your options carefully. No matter how attractively some loans are marketed, they can’t solve your debt problems. The only way to do that is to spend less, earn more and develop ... Read More »

              What is The Best Way For Me to Get a Loan? – George

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              “Hi Steve, I am 36 yrs old, I have only one credit card and I am no longer using it and it has about a $20K balance that I am finally making progress to paying off. I am also now finally contributing to a retirement account and a savings account. All this is not easy but im making sacrifices The ... Read More »

                Should I Transfer Credit Card Debt to a Home Equity Loan? – Jake

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                “Hi Steve, I have $20K on one credit card with an 8.99% APR. I am making the minimum payments and the last few months have paid more than the minimum. Is it a smart move to transfer this balance to an equity line of credit through the company that has the mortgage on my house which will be at 4.00% ... Read More »

                  Did You Get Foreclosed on With a Second Mortgage or Home Equity Loan? I Knew This Was Going to Happen.

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                  If you or someone you know got foreclosed on and had a second mortgage or home equity loan, watch out! People who were foreclosed on may think their debt problems are now behind them but second mortgage holders are not taking this lying down. In a move to attempt to recover money lost in the second mortgage banks held on ... Read More »

                    Can You Recommend a Debt Consolidation Company in Pennsylvania? – Virginia

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                    “Dear Steve, We have a small business and used 2 major credit cards to the max, along with a line of credit, totaling $99,500 worth of debt. We would like to consolidate the credit cards with a lower interest rate, and get a home equity loan combining our mortgage balance and line of credit balance. We could pay $1800 to ... Read More »

                      San Wants To Know “We Need Some Way To Pay Off Our Debts”

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                      “Dear Steve, We need some way to figure out how to pay our debts off. We have credit card debt, car loan, a home equity loan that has a balloon next year, medical bills and owe a balance to my brother for his half of property we inherited jointly. We have two incomes and we should be able to live ... Read More »

                        Should We Put More Debt on Credit Cards to Finish the Basement? – Corrie

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                        “Dear Steve, We just bought a house six months ago and own $229,000 on it. We owe almost $35,000 in credit card bills and recently my full time job went to part time, so I am earning less than half of what I did a couple of months ago. Since we just bought our house we can not get a ... Read More »

                          In a World of Hurt Writes and Wants to Know “Should We Tell My Parents?”

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                          I got the question below through the GetOutOfDebt.org site from someone that identified themselves as In a World of Hurt. Feel free to visit GetOutOfDebt.org and ask me your question, you can use an anonymous name, it’s okay. “Dear Steve, We owe $103,000 on our first mortgage, $16,000 on our home equity loan, and $17,000 in loans and credit cards. ... Read More »

                            I Got a Gift of $9K. What Should I Do With It? – George

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                            “Hi Steve, Heres my question-I recently received a $9K gift. It just so happens I am doing some home repairs immediately that will equal about $9 or $10K. These must be done. I need a new roof right away which is about $5K and the other necessary repairs will be another $5K. I can use that gift to pay for ... Read More »

                              Would It Be Better To Use a Home Equity Loan to Pay Off Credit Cards or Go Bankrupt? – Carolyn

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                              “Dear Steve, With only $30,000 left on current equity loan and $29,000 in credit card debt – what would be better – cash out with new equity loan (which I can do) or file for bankruptcy? With bankruptcy – I’m afraid that a I would not be able to help my disabled daughter and end up worse off if my ... Read More »

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