Determining The Right Budget Categories

Creating a budget may sound like a hassle, but taking a moment to track, categorize, and plan your spending can really pay off, both now and years from now. A well-planned budget helps you take control of your finances and use your money thoughtfully, rather than spending randomly—a habit that can cause trouble when it’s … Read more

How to Budget in College

Oh, college. It’s filled with caffeinated nights, Saturday game days, Easy Mac, and ramen. While all your money seems to be going toward tuition and books, it’s essential to learn how to budget in college to make the most of what you have. Wouldn’t it be great to have a grasp on your beer budget? … Read more

You Just Can’t Live in Budget Hell With This Kind of Guilt

Budgets suck. Most budgets are really just a page of lies. They fail because they are not built on any sort of financial balance but instead seem to be driven more by spending guilt. Somehow the impression is that people who go without “unnecessary” expenses are somehow purer or better at managing their money. Hogwash. … Read more

Here’s How to Build the Best Budget – Get Out of Debt Guy Show

Budgets can be an exercise in pain for many people. The sad part is it doesn’t have to be like that, at all. Building a great budget is simple when you understand what not to do. And what you shouldn’t do first is sit down and make a budget from memory. That just sets you … Read more

Making a Six-Figure Income Does Not Mean You Don’t Face Money Troubles

When your cash flow is strong, it’s easy to skate along without paying much attention to how your monthly income and spending bounce around. As long as the checking account looks good, you’re good—until you’re not, because an unexpected expense or drop in income, perhaps at the same time, makes what seemed a perfectly fine … Read more

National Debt Relief Shares An Easy Budgeting Technique

Miami, FL (PRWEB) April 11, 2015 National Debt Relief recently shared in an article published April 2, 2015 how consumers who hate budgeting can deal with it in the simplest way possible. The article titled “Budgeting For People Who Hate Budgeting” aims to share a budgeting technique so simple that people who hate it and … Read more

I’m Willing to Radically Change My Finances to Payoff My Student Loans

“Dear Steve, Where to start? I’m a 28 year old married male and am a manager for a private equity portfolio company. My financial stats are as follows: Gross Household Income: $180,000 Private student loan debt (Husband only): $155,000 Public student loan debt (combined): $52,000 Mortgage Debt: $240,000 We currently own our house which is … Read more

New Baby, Personal Debt, Business Debt and Need a Plan to Get Out of Debt. – Matt

“Dear Steve, I have personal debt and business debt. My wife and I both have leased cars. We are 28 years old, rent a condo, and have a storage unit. We just had a baby. She makes about 45,000 p/year and I make about 25,000 p/year. (my business isn’t doing well) My credit score is … Read more