My Father Has End-State Renal Disease. Should He File Bankruptcy? – Nicole

“Dear Steve, My dad has had a great paying job for years but has recently gone through a health situation that has rendered him unable to work at this point. He has end stage renal disease and other problems affecting his heart. He has $61,000 in credit card debt. When he was first hospitalized I … Read more

My Husband Has Aggressive Advanced Cancer and Our Debt is Killing Us. – Gina

Gina “Dear Steve, We have a lot of debt and serious medical issues that are generating medical bills we won’t be able to pay. We bought a new house 2 years ago and haven’t been able to sell the old house. It is rented for just enough to cover the first mortgage payment. We have … Read more

Get Your Prostate Checked to Avoid Debt. – Robert

“Dear Steve, I am a 49 year old male who was diagnosed with prostate cancer eight years ago (Guys…..get your prostate checked early and often! I know that men hate the exam….but if caught in time, it is one of the most curable cancers…..so much for my soapbox). When mine was discovered, it had metastatized … Read more

I Can’t Afford to Save My Life And Pay My Credit Cards At The Same Time. – GPOT

GPOT “Dear Steve, I have more than 10 credit cards. I am self employed and up to today, I have been able to meet all my payments. Because I’m self-employed I have to health insurance. I have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer and I have been given no hope. As you can imagine my … Read more

We Are Sinking Fast And Using Credit Cards For Daily Purchases. – Valerie

URGENT QUESTION! Valerie “Dear Steve, I cried all through writing the question. Situation is that we’ve always paid our credit card bills and always been on time and lately our credit score keeps getting worse and worse. Our mortgage/taxes/insurance costs $3000.00 per month so I don’t want to default on that. Yes, we have remortgaged … Read more