Is the BBB Logo on the Debt Savers Website Misleading?

A tipster (send in your tips here) asked me to look at a website for a debt relief website called Debt Savers. Their concern was the use of the BBB logo as a badge of trust by this company. And they are correct, the Debt Savers website at DebtSavers.us or DebtSavers.info does display the BBB … Read more

The Future of Lead Generation in Debt Relief

The following guest post was contributed by Michael Bovee at Consumer Recovery Network, an expert in DIY debt settlement help and a member of the AACC. If you would like to contribute a guest post, click here. Advertising & lead costs are the largest expense for many companies in the debt relief space. The other … Read more

FTC Names Debt Settlement Companies Hit in Lead Generator Suit. Settled for 8.5 Million Dollars.

Today the Federal Trade Commission released a suit they filed yesterday against Media Innovations, Hermosa Group, Financial Future Network and Jonathan Greenburg in which they allege debt relief marketing improprieties. The suit also names Debt Group and Epic Financial Management as the companies that received approximately 80% of the leads generated. This action strikes at … Read more