Best Debt Consolidation Loans

Finding a legitimate debt consolidation loan program can be frustrating, depressing and darn near impossible. We’ve all seen the advertisements promising loans for people with bad credit or loans with no credit check. In my experience those companies are often high priced, that is if you actually get a debt consolidation loan and not get … Read more

Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans Like This One Can Help to Get You Out of Debt

I wanted to share with you the story of Will, who decided that an unsecured debt consolidation loan was the best way to deal with his debt situation. Will was kind enough to share his experience and opinions about why he got the debt consolidation loan and his experience getting it. Q: What led you … Read more

I’m Looking for Another Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan to Get Out of Debt. – Carroll

“Dear Steve, I was about to sign up for Fast Track Debt Relief, until my aunt told me to do more research, as a result I found your site. I am in debt to the tune of 100K. These are the following debts I have: Student Loans: $50,499.43 Not current because loan was transferred to … Read more

Unsecured Debt Consolidation and Personal Loans Being Handed Out at Record Rates

For those with reasonably good to great credit the idea that the bank is the only place to obtain a debt consolidation loan are just incorrect. For quite some time now I’ve been going on and on about peer-to-peer lending networks like Lending Club connects people who want an unsecured debt consolidation loan with … Read more

Who Can I Trust for a Debt Consolidation Loan? – Donald

“Dear Steve, Currently have credit card debt totaling about 16,000 and two car loans with pay off amounts of about 23,000 combined. I am keeping up on the monthly payments, but some months are cutting it close. With 40,000 in unsecured debt that I am looking to consolidate into 1 lower payment. Is there any … Read more

Ready for Zero Launches New Free Service to Help Lending Club Investors

The thing I love about is that it is painfully simple to use to help reduce your credit card debt, or at least to give you a plan on how to do it, for free. Now the brainiacs at have spread their free love with expanding their service to assist people looking for … Read more

I Don’t Want to Take the Consolidation Loan From Wells Fargo. – Mary

“Dear Steve, I am 60, husb is 62. Own land/home worth 300,000+ free and clear. Never took out loans – used low interest cr cds. Our credit score is around 730. All pmts on time always. Making min payments though. Used to tfr to lower int cds until fall last yr when all companies raised … Read more

The Best Day of the Week to Apply for a Debt Consolidation Loan

You know how sometimes you start wondering about odd stuff. Granted sometimes it’s things like, “How do they get the cream filling in a Twinkie?” Well recently I was curious what day of the week most people apply for a debt consolidation loan. I know, I’m odd that way. In the debt world there are … Read more

Is There a Way to Get a Loan to Consolidate Our Debt? – Denise

“Dear Steve, Making payments to credit cards on time, just have too many and want help to consolidate to make monthly payments lower. We have around $65k of debt—not including mortgage. Is there a way to get our debt consolodated? We refinanced the house and other debt 6 years ago so I know our debt … Read more

Will You Help Fund Our Debt Consolidation Loan? – Sandy

“Dear Steve, I have been subscribing to your site for quite a while and have learned alot -thanks you for all the help! We have just applied for a loan on LendingClub and hope you will take a look and consider investing if you think it would be a good loan for you. The loan … Read more Cheap Debt Consolidation Loans Now Available to NC Residents

Well it appears that has added a new state to their list of places they can help borrowers in. LendingClub just announced that loans can now be made in North Carolina. Now normally the thought of talking gleefully about debt consolidation loans would seem like a strange statement for me to make but LendingClub … Read more

Is There a Reputable Company That WIll Help Us Refinance Our Debt? – Russ

“Dear Steve, I am seperated from my wife, she still lives in our house and we are struggling to cover our credit card debt. IS there a reputable company that will help us refinance our debt even though we are living apart? Russ” Dear Russ, Outside of I can’t think of any other company … Read more

I Just Invested in 34 Debt Consolidation Loans. Do You Know Anybody That Needs One?

I’ve talked a lot about and I just logged on this month and helped to fund 34 new loan requests. As of right now, 61.45% of all loan requests are for debt consolidation loans and has issues $138 Million in loans. It is the one resource I know where you can get below … Read more