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Disabled, Maxed Out, and Want Good Credit. – Kathy

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“Dear Steve, Credit cards are maxed out and living expenses keep going up. I am current on all bills. I use to work 2 jobs and had plans to be debt free by Sept. 2011, became disabled a little over 2 yrs ago and now am on a fixed income. I don’t want to harm my credit any more than ... Read More »

    I’m Current But Maxed Out and Want to Get Out of Debt. – Julia

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    “Dear Steve, I have 45k in credit card debt I am single just started a new job which is based off of commision. I am current on all of my bills no lates or over limits I am at 80% of limits, however I can only pay minimum payments on the bills. Please give me some idea as to what ... Read More »

      I Racked Up Debt And Struggling With the Minimum Payment. – Peter

      “Dear Damon, Racked up Credit Card debt (50K). Haven’t missed any payments (yet), but struggling to be able to pay down debt more than the minimum payments (about 1300 a month). Barely making minimum payments, do not foresee any significant income increases. Looking to buy-down debt quickly, and free up monthly income for savings, etc. I have settled debt before ... Read More »

        I’m a Recent College Graduate Trying to Dig Myself Out of Credit Card Debt. – Megan

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        “Dear Steve, I’m 22 and in 6,000 credit card debt! I am a recent college graduate, and in some credit card debt. In college, I racked up 3 different credit cards (one with a $4,000 limit, one with a $500 limit and one with a $300 limit – who gives an 18 year old kid ) and all of them ... Read More »

          I Maxed Out My Boyfriend’s Cards And Didn’t Tell Him. – Deceitful Girlfriend

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          My boyfriend and I have have been living together for three years now, he has a mortgage for our home in his own name due to my crappy credit rating we mutually agreed this was the best choice and he has always had excellent credit. When we moved in together he had a visa card which he added me on ... Read More »

            We Have Out of Control Debt. – Cher

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            We have been using credit cards to make ends meet they are maxed out and we have refinanced into our mortgage and vehicles so much we owe $300,000. We can’t move to an apartment because we have big dogs and no we will not give them away; they are our family. We have baby # 2 due in 2 months ... Read More »

              My Situation Feels Hopeless. I Feel Sick About it. – Erica

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              Erica “Dear Steve, Steve my husband and I are up to our eyeballs in debt, in 12 years we’ve had 3 state to state moves from his job and are currently on our 4th one. We have racked up 70k in debt and now with money being the way it is I’m petrified we wont qualify for a car or ... Read More »

                How Do We Get Out of Debt Without Hurting Our Credit? – Amanda

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                “Dear Steve, We have a LOT of debt and have some rental houses. Have several cards that are maxed. We still barly make all the bills on time, we don’t want to lose our houses, and we really don’t want to get bad credit. So what do we do? How do we get out of debt without hurting our credit ... Read More »

                  I Am Married to a Former Marine And Have Money Problems Indirectly Related to His Service. – Angela

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                  “Dear Steve, My name is Angie and I am 27 yrs old, a nurse and am getting married next year to the love of my life. My to be hubby is an ex-marine and had some difficulties since his honorable discharge from service. Long story short for mulitple reasons he has been out of work for almost a year and ... Read More »

                    Fear and Loathing in Debt

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                    Being in debt is not an emotional walk in the park and unless you know what it is like, you can’t feel the pain or suffering that goes with it. People forget or don’t know what it is like to be in debt. No, not the kind of debt where you owe Bob a bit for spotting you for lunch. ... Read More »

                      We Have 10 Credit Cards With High Limits All Maxed Out. – Melissa

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                      “Dear Steve, We have 10 or so credit cards some with high limits all maxed out. Able to barley make minimum payments. Getting harder to keep up. We have 4 kids and are trying our best to keep up on debt. We have closed most of the cc. We had an idea of taking all our money that doesn’t go ... Read More »

                        If We Stop Paying Our Credit Cards Will it Affect Applying for a Loan Modification? – Wong

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                        “Dear Steve, My husband and I owned a small business, the harsh economy has make our income lower than we expected. We purchased our house 4 years ago, the value has gone down a bit but I don;t think we are up-side-down on our mortage. Our credit used to be really good but because we have maxed out all the ... Read More »

                          I Have No Money to Deal With My Money Problems. – Debra

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                          Debra “Dear Steve, My job cut my income by 50 per cent , same hours less pay. NOv 15. 2008. My son had cancer with no ins, I had to pay for test and treatment on credit cards,also for gas.and other very important things. My daughter had to go to drug rehab last year, July 2008. All in all I ... Read More »

                            Our Monthly Payments Are More Than We Make. – Chelsey

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                            Chelsey “Dear Steve, My boyfriend and I pay more a month in payments than we make in a monthly income we have 2 credit cards maxed, one $1000, $8000. A 1890000 mortgage, which payments are $1200 a month. a $15 000 new vehicle, a $20 000 line of credit, $8000 student loan, and $3000 in small claim loans. My boyfriend ... Read More »

                              We’ve Gone From No Debt to Desperate. – Rachel

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                              “Dear Steve, Three years ago we had no debt except a house payment. We chose to move closer to family and took a 2/3s pay cut to do it. My husband works in sales and we expected that the money we come, so although we are smart people we continued to spend like we had the money. Now we are ... Read More »

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