Credit Repair by Pay to Delete, is it a Good Idea to Repair My Credit?

Question: Dear Steve, I have not managed my money wisely. Working temporary jobs in the past did not help my situations. I am employed with a good salary but horrible credit reporting. I would like to payoff derogatory collection debt to improve my credit score. If a collection agency report is due to drop off … Read more

The Credit Repair Death of Pay For Delete to Remove Old Bad Credit

It’s coming. Big changes are in the works for consumers with old bad debts owned by debt buyers. Sources inside the debt buyer and debt collection industry are secretly making positive changes about reporting old accounts. These changes will help consumers with old delinquent accounts find a light at the end of the credit reporting … Read more

Why Won’t the Debt Collector Agree to Remove the Debt From My Credit Report if I Pay?

Question: Dear Michael, I have a collections account with AFNI on my credit report. It is a valid debt that I owe the company they are collecting for. I keep trying to ask them if they would be willing to remove the collection off my credit report after I pay in full. The answer I … Read more

Paying Companies To Delete Negative Credit Report Information

“Dear Michael, During my junior year of college my parents provided me with a credit card that they paid off in full each month, they never missed a payment and I never worried about the money. I took out a credit card on my own my senior year of college, which I could make the … Read more

Asset Rich But Cash Poor. Want to Settle My Debt and Pay for Delete

“Dear Steve, I have a different problem than a lot of your readers. I have lots of assets, but my income is very limited. I have property worth about a million dollars, but because it is more than 5 acres with a manufactured home no one will loan against it. In about 2 years will … Read more

I Would Gladly Pay to Delete My Negative Credit Report Entry

“Dear Steve, Chargeoff with closed Lowe’s credit card from 1/2011 they sold to Portfolio Recovery. Showing on Experian as CO from Lowe’s and Collection, paid less than in full from Portfolio. I negotiated payment with Portfolio but did it before knowing to ask for “pay for delete”. Disputed with BBB as junk debt buyer not … Read more

I Heard I Can Pay to Delete Things on My Credit Report. Is That True? – Lori

“Dear Jared, Hi, I have quite a few accounts in collections that are delinquent. I am a young adult and have recently became more concerned with my credit score/history. I have heard many things about a pay-to-delete that can be sent to a creditor. I have some small inquires like $125 cable bill, $225 AT&T, … Read more

The Collection Company Says They Will Clean Up My Credit Report if I Pay. – John

“Dear Steve, I had a Doctors bill in 2010 I did not pay. Had several financial problems and were not able to get them paid. The collection company contacted me and stated that if I paid the bill in full they would send a letter to the credit burea’s removing the derogatories on my report … Read more

Should I Try to Pay to Delete Bad Items on My Credit Report? I’m Confused. – Sunny

“Dear Steve, I have a few delinquent accounts on my credit. They have been there for a couple of years and it is to my understanding that it will stay on my credit for 7-10 years. I am 21 years old and just now trying to establish credit for myself but these accounts are making … Read more

I Paid for Credit Repair. Was That and Trying to Do ‘Pay to Delete’ a Smart Thing to Do? – Tiffany

“Dear Steve, ONE year ago in march I paid a credit repair person over $500.00, they were recommended by a mortgage lender I saw. He told me it would take 4 to 6 months and my score will be were I needed it to be. Totally hasn’t been the case. I spoke with the manager … Read more