Who Will Give Us a Loan to Payoff $100K of Credit Card Debt?

Question: Dear Steve, We make a sizable income ($350,000) and we have just paid off most of our vehicles (only one left); problem is cc debt–the peer to peer sounds great, but $35,000 is not going to cut it–need more like $100,000 to truly pay down the debt. Contrary to how it sounds, we are … Read more

Should I Get a Bank of America Debt Consolidation Loan? – Erica

Erica “Dear Steve, If I wanted to roll my vehicle, credit cards and a dental bill all totalling about $40,000 which debt consolidation lender would be the best? I was considering BOA as I bank with them but have heard that the loans are a tad bit shady. Erica” Dear Erica, You should read the … Read more

Can You Suggest Another Possible Lender Other Than LendingClub.com? – Buddy

“Dear Steve, Can you suggest another possible lender other than Lending Club? I was under-employed for about a year and my income has bounced back, but I would like to get some credit card debt refinanced. The problem is my credit score is only 619. Thank you. Buddy” Dear Buddy, With a credit score like … Read more

Why I’m Investing $1,000 to Help People Consolidate Their Debt.

I’m old enough now to learn that I should never say never about anything. There was a time that I was very anti peer-to-peer lending and thought there were no longer any opportunities for people to get unsecured debt consolidation loans. My initial uncertainty and hesitancy about this form of lending was supported by what … Read more

I Just Invested in 33 Loans to Help People to Get Out of Debt

Lately I’ve been very impressed with LendingClub.com and the peer-to-peer model that they have developed to let individual investors participate in some small way in making loans to other people that need to borrow money. The LendingClub business model allows both borrowers and lenders to skip the banks completely and lend to each other. From … Read more