Rubin & Rothman, LLC – CFPB Complaint 2017-05-02

Consumer Complaint Submission

Date Received: 2017-05-02 Product: I do not know Issue: Written notification about debt Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided Consumer Complaint: I found out that XXXX has a judgement against me when I was trying to get a mortage … .I knew nothing of this-it was a complete shock.On XXXX / XXXX / …

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I Was Sued by Rubin & Rothman and My Bank Account Was Seized for a Credit Card They Say I Took Out When I Was 12 – Bren

“Dear Steve, I just had a legal hold put on my bank account. Upon contacting Rubin & Rothman, LLC., who issued the “Information Subpoena and Restraining Notice”, I have come to find out that they are representing a debt collection agency that alleges that I owe a debt from a credit card opened in 2000. …

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I Defaulted on a Loan to HFC that Went to Rubin & Rothman. – Cathy

“Dear Steve, I defaulted on a loan from HFC for $9,000 It went to collection through Rubin & Rothman. I made a payment plan but some events occurred which made me fall behind by 2 months. They went to court and obtained a judgment and are now threatening salary garnishment unless I pay $575 per …

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New York Attorney General Launches Inquiry Into Debt Collection Companies

ATTORNEY GENERAL CUOMO LAUNCHES INQUIRY INTO DEBT COLLECTORS ACROSS NEW YORK STATE Cuomo Shuts Down NY Collection Agencies That Threatened and Intimidated Consumers Into Paying Debts They Didn’t Owe Sends Subpoenas to Nearly 20 Debt Collectors Statewide Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that his office has launched a statewide inquiry into debt collection …

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