Multiple Student Loan Debt Relief Entitles Settle With FTC

The operators of a student loan debt relief scheme are banned from providing debt relief services and have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they collected illegal upfront fees and falsely promised to lower or even eliminate consumers’ loan payments or balances. In its 2019 complaint, the FTC alleged that Student Advocates Team … Read more

The Quiet End of Equitable Acceptance Funding Student Loan Assistance

Yesterday the Court granted preliminary approval of a class action settlement against Defendants Equitable Acceptance Corporation and Jeffrey Henn. In the settlement agreement Equitable Acceptance will cease collection on all student loan assistance credit plans, is prohibited from selling and issuing Credit Plans in the future, and will credit bureaus to delete the Credit Plan … Read more

I Was Told I Was Eligible for PSLF and Then Told I Wasn’t. Help!

Question: Dear Steve, I am a teacher/counselor who went to college as a non-trad mother of two. I graduated in 1998 and secured a position as a counselor in FL with a debt of $35,000. I could not afford student loans with two boys and no child support, so I did forbearances, but then they … Read more

Why is National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Suing Me After Bankruptcy?

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Question: Dear Steve, I filled for Bankruptcy Chapter 13 five years ago, and it was discharged last year. I included my student loans, private and federal. National Collegiate Student Loan Trust refused was contacted to submit their claims but refused. Now that I am out of bankruptcy, they are trying to file a judgment against … Read more

Should I Settle My AES Student Loan They Want to Charge Off?

Question: Dear Steve, A debt collector (American Education Services) has, for many years, been periodically but infrequently sending me letters about a student loan (the current balance is $7830). For a period of several years up to about 2015, I was paying them $50 a month, but then I stopped paying and didn’t hear from … Read more

I Was Homeless, Mentally Ill, Disabled, and Desperate But They Enrolled Me

Question: Dear Steve, Under borrower defense to repayment rules, my student loans should evaporate, but collection agencies keep selling the account to each other, and they bother me always. Why do I think borrower defense to repayment applies? The college recruiter and the head of the Financial Aid Department at Greenville College lied to me … Read more

My Husband Died and I Can’t Get Out of The Spousal Consolidation Loan

Question: Hi Steve, I have been attempting to get my joint consolidation loan split since my divorce in 2005. At that time, I was told by my lender and servicer that it would be impossible to split the loans. However, in 2015 my ex passed away and after submitting the death certificate, the Department of … Read more

I’m a Veterinarian With Some Mystery Student Loan Debt

Question: Dear Steve, This is about an unpaid private loan balance of approximately $80,000 (including interest) from a public veterinary school I attended from 2007-2011. The following info is NOT my question, but I’m providing it in case it’s relevant. Approximately $3000 of it had been unofficially disputed to the school with the help of … Read more