Should I Try a Credit Counseling Program or Negotiate My Debt? – Vern

“Dear Steve, I OWE ABOUT 20 K TO THREE DIFFERANT CARD COMPANIES. SHOULD I TRY A DEBT COUNSELING COMPANY OR CAN I NAGOTIATE MYSELF WITH THE COMPANIES OR WILL THEY REALLY LOWER MY DEBT. VERN” Dear Vern, Yes. Seriously, it really depends on if you can afford to repay your debt. If you can’t check …

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Money Management international Gave Me a Monthly Payment That is Too High For Me. – Valeria

Valeria “Dear Steve, After reading your section on completion rate, I am terrified of consolidating my loans. Sounds like you are happier with bankruptcy and I don’t think I need to go that route. I am about $50 thousand in debt. I can no longer make payments on one of my credit cards in order …

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Get Out of Debt

Struggling to get out of debt ? If so, you aren’t alone. Millions of Americans are drowning in debt. They are overextended to the point of filing bankruptcy or losing their home to foreclosure

Christian Credit Counselor Tells Us to Go to CCCS or Debt Settlement Instead. – Shelly

Shelly “Dear Steve, I lost my job in 2005 and for a year and a half, we lived on one income (with a little extra from my part time jobs) on a two income budget. We used credit cards to help us during this time. Although I am now working full time, all we manage …

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