$78 Million Mortgage Fraud “Dream Home” Scheme Owner Convicted

Andrew Hamilton Williams, Jr., was convicted last week in Maryland of fraud conspiracy, wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering in connection to a massive mortgage fraud scheme. The scheme, entitled “Metro Dream Homes” promised to pay off homeowners’ mortgages on the homes of their dreams but instead left them high and dry. According …

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Our Rental House is Sliding Underwater. I Don’t Want to Rob our Retirement Anymore. – Thomas

“Dear Steve, I am 52 yrs. old. I worked at the same company for 25yrs., They down-sized, and in Jan. 2009 I was laid off. Since that time, the work I have been able to find is as an independent sales rep with a small start-up. Commission only, very little money. I have also received …

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Get Out of Debt

Struggling to get out of debt ? If so, you aren’t alone. Millions of Americans are drowning in debt. They are overextended to the point of filing bankruptcy or losing their home to foreclosure

We Want to Sell Our House, Pay Off Our Debt and Start Over. – Julie

Julie “Dear Steve, In 2004, we bought our house for $916,000, put about $50,000 of improvements into it (e.g. finished basement, paved driveway, landscaping). In the last five years we have added a new baby to the mix and racked up $40,000 in credit card bills. Our current plan of attack is to sell the …

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