An Example Why Private Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy is Difficult

Just by looking at the facts surrounding dealing with private student loans and bankruptcy discharge, it appears more private student loans should be eligible for elimination as they are not protected. But lenders have either taken to fighting hard to prevent discharge or smaller lenders seem to quietly give up and let the debt be … Read more

Bankruptcy Discharge of Certain Sallie Mae and Navient Student Loans Takes Big Step Forward

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Justice takes time. In 2016 I first wrote about Navient and Sallie Mae student loans that clearly appeared to be eligible for and dischargeable in bankruptcy if people had filed. See this post for more. At issue was the fact the student loans pushed by then Sallie Mae were not protected in bankruptcy from discharge … Read more

When Will My Sallie Mae Tuition Answer Loans Become Uncollectible?

Question: Dear Steve, Thanks for all your work and info. I am trying to determine the SOL on my loans have defaulted with last payment date in 2010 but I believe got put into deferment then last activity reports in 2012. I am wondering if you have any new info on the SM Tuition Answer … Read more

Is It Really Possible My Tuition Answer Student Loans Were Discharged in Bankruptcy?

Question: Dear Steve, I have 3 Tuition Answer loans through Sallie Mae that I was talked into while attending Concorde Career College in Kansas City in 2005. I owe over $66,000 just to Sallie Mae (not mention my federal loans). It’s odd because I was the student but my partner had to co-sign. SHE is … Read more

How Many of the Sallie Mae and Navient Student Loans Are Actually Eligible for Bankruptcy Discharge? Loads!

Navient Private Student Loan Bankruptcy Update July 16, 2021 In a case I wrote about before, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit rules Navient Tuition Answer loans are not protected in bankruptcy and can be discharged. “Soon after graduating, Homaidan filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court … Read more