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Did You Get Paid Unemployment Benefits in 2011? Prepare to Pay the Taxes.

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People are often under the impression that unemployment benefits are not taxable. On face value you’d think that public benefits for unemployment that help you to try to get by would not be taxed. But you’d be wrong. If you were paid unemployment benefits in 2011 and did not opt to have taxes withheld from your benefits, you’ll have to ... Read More »

    Is Bank Of America Taking Advantage Of The Unemployed With Debit Card Fees?

    The state of South Carolina and Bank of America have teamed up together to administer unemployment benefits to South Carolina residents. Unemployment benefits used to come in the form of a check but are now being issued in the form of a Bank of America prepaid debit card. Bank of America claims that it’s good deal for everyone from taxpayers ... Read More »

      Unstructured “Structuring” Scam

      James Quirin has been charged with an alleged theft of government funds on September 29, 2011 for fraudulent unemployment insurance benefits. Apparently, Quirin applied for Unemployment Insurance benefits in February, 2009, even though he was a gainfully-employed businessman receiving significant income. Quirin and several of his businesses were sued in federal court. Just before he was ordered to post an ... Read More »

        We Live Remotely so Employment Options are Slim. – Angela

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        “Dear Steve, We owe $25,000. in credit card dept, $5,000. in medical bills, and $6,000. in student loans. I have been receiving unemployment since June of 2007 and my Husband receives SS Disability. We live remotely so employment options are slim. Bankruptcy? Do we have any other option? Angela”   Dear Angela, Well bankruptcy might take care of the credit ... Read More »

          Unemployment Benefits Extension Not to Be Found. Bills Due. Collectors Calling. What Next?

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          While many are worried about falling behind a bit on bills and the fear of a debt collector calling is a constant worry, now and in the coming months it is estimated that 4 Million American’s are going to lose their unemployment insurance benefits. Some say the unemployment benefits extension that Congress past previously that extended benefits for up to ... Read More »

            Unemployed People Facing Loss of Benefits. What Next for Them?

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            by Marian Wang, ProPublica Unless Congress acts to extend programs for those who have exhausted regular state unemployment benefits, millions of jobless workers may soon be phased out of emergency unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits from states typically last for 26 weeks, but since 2008, Congress has on four occasions passed emergency provisions that use federal funds to extend benefits for ... Read More »

              I’m Two Weeks Away From Unemployment. Is Bankruptcy Something Worth Looking At? – Mel

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              “Dear Steve, Two years ago I lost a job of 9 years to a change in command. I was doing well there making $96k a year. I found short term job for 4 months but they had to down-size to stay in business. After that I was off for 1 year. My wife and I, stupidly, used credit cards to ... Read More »

                Bank of America Won’t Help Me At All. – Donna

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                “Dear Steve, I lost my job in July 2009. Just moved to SC, 3yrs. ago. I bought home which of course the value has dropped. I now have credit card debt of $14,000. I am only getting unemployment which does not pay the bills. My family has been helping, but it is not fair to them to continue to do ... Read More »

                  I’m Laid Off, On Unemployment, And Can’t Afford My Credit Card Payment. – Melvin

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                  Melvin “Dear Steve, I am behind a credit card a total of 700.00. I am currently laid off from my job with 3 kids, a rent payment, a car payment, and other household bills. my unemployment is only 326.00 a week. The collection agency has started harassing me with phone calls everyday. What can i do to fix the problem? ... Read More »

                    I Think Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Might Be My Only Recourse. – Steve

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                    “Dear Steve, I have just under 32 K in cc debt, paid down from a much larger amount. After reading comments on your site I am coming to the conclusion that a Chapter 7 might be my only recourse. I talked to one bank about the debt but all they did was reduce my credit line. I have been unemployed ... Read More »

                      Can the Collection Agency Garnish My Unemployment? – Andrea

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                      “Dear Steve, I was laid off in January 2009 and I am currently receiving an unempolyment check of $247.00 weekly from the state of North Carolina plus the federal unemployment COLA of $25.00. Both these checks are directly deposited to my checking account. These checks barely cover rent, food and gas. This area of North Carolina has one of the ... Read More »

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